Football team member, brother arrested for teen sexual assault

By Tribune staff
A high school football player and his brother were arrested Thursday in the case of a teen boy sexually assaulted Sept. 9 at a party where teens gathered at a home on East End Road.
Joey Resetarits, 18 and Anthony Resetarits, 20, were taken into custody on charges of second-degree sexual assault.
On Sept. 10, a South Peninsula Hospital nurse in Homer reported to the Alaska State Troopers that a 17-year old male was in the hospital reporting he had been sexually assaulted on or about Sept. 8. A party involving 30-40 young people had taken place on that night at the home of a Homer High school student while his dad was at home. The victim who was raped arrived at the home at 8 p.m. and was reported by several individuals to be drinking heavily. About an hour later, he passed out on a small couch in the living room of the home.
Troopers say in the charging documents that multiple juveniles interviewed reported that the victim was unconscious and not responsive to attempts to wake him up. The party grew from a few initial members to include some members of the football team and graduated alumni into a large gathering of 60-80 people, according to the trooper’s charging documents.
“Although it is currently unknown who provided the alcohol at the party, it was reported that many of the individuals, including the juvenile individuals at the party, were consuming alcohol,” charges state.
At some point during the party, after the victim had passed out from alcohol consumption, several individuals as yet unidentified, according to the charging documents, began taking turns writing and drawing things on the victim with a Sharpie marker.
Eventually a male at the party, identified as Anthony Resetarits, shaved an M into the hair on the victim’s head, symbolic for Mariners, the name of the high school football team. It was reported that multiple individuals that were surrounding the victim on the couch were taking video and photos of the incident. A female admitted to watching a video of Anthony Resetarits on a friend’s phone as he shaved the victim’s hair into an M. She reportedly deleted the video after watching it. A separate male stated that he tried to wake up the victim while people were drawing on him with the sharpie, but the victim remained unresponsive.
At some point after the victim had been written on and drawn on, people around him on the couch began to yell out ideas about what should happen next. A suggestion was made by an unknown person, and the boy’s pants and underwear were removed. At this point, it was reported that the Resetarits brothers sexually assaulted the victim with an object.
Troopers were able to recover multiple photos taken at the party, including those showing the assault. The party was disbanded shortly after the incident and the victim, still unconscious, was transported to town by his friends where they met his mother and transferred him to her.
On Thursday, the Homer Court issued arrest warrants for both Anthony and Joseph Resetarits for sexual assault in the second degree. Second-degree sexual assault is a class B felony that carries a possible conviction of five to 15 years.
Both suspects were taken into custody without incident.
More charges may result from the investigation, said Trooper Sgt. Jeremy Stone. The investigation continues.
Homer High School Principal Alan Gee suspended 14 students for violating school rules regarding alcohol use and being at the party. His jurisdiction only extends to those enrolled in school sports or activities.
Trooper spokesperson Beth Ipsen said “because it’s an ongoing investigation, this is all we’re releasing at this time. We understand the community’s concern. We want to investigate this fully not only the victim and the victim’s family sake, but also for the community’s peace of mind.  Because of this, we ask for the community’s understanding and patience. We hope for the community’s continued cooperation as the investigation progresses.”

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20 Responses for “Football team member, brother arrested for teen sexual assault”

  1. Pierre Ostor says:

    My dreams as student athlete is to continue my education while playing football in college. My goals are to pass all my classes with A’s and B’s while starting on a championship team. I plan to become a high school or collage coach when I can’t play the sport anymore. Another goal of mine is to pay for my education as I go. I own a commercial fishing business in Alaska, I fish for salmon during June and July with my Dad and two brothers. As the captain of my own boat I’v gained valuable skills in leadership, decision making and team work.

    This is the personal statement of one of the two brothers

    • Tom Kinger says:

      Hey Joe, another more realistic view of your future. You go to jail for 5 to 10 years, where you learn more about sexual assault than you thought was possible. When you are released from prison you will still be a convicted sex offender and required to register as such wherever you go. Not many teams wanting to have a sex offender as a coach, so good luck with that.

      • Disgusted says:

        The adults in this town disgust me. What the hell is wrong with all of you. I was there, saw the entire thing. They placed a short nosed beer bottle between his fucking butt cheeks, Not even in his ass hole. This disgusts me beyond words. All of you judgemental hippies, wow.. gosh I just wish I had this much time to sit around and worry about shit that isn’t my buisiness. Maliciously insulting two kids who haven’t even had a chance to defend themselves in court… Talk about people not having respect these days…

        • Are you kidding me? says:

          You were at this party and did you try to stop this? The perps are not kids they are ADULTS and are charged as such. How can you minimize this horrific event?
          You apparently have no respect either judging by your lack of empathy for this victim. You admit to being there and your account of what you saw is disgusting. And guess what it is a crime. I hope they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I would also like to see the others who took pictures and videos prosecuted as well.

        • Lol says:

          So it isnt the two kids fault its the one that got too drunk and for that he got punish. i dont see in your sick twisted world where that makes it right sorry. all i got to say on the subject is karma

  2. common sense says:

    Hey should be charged with rape. Period. They only got a few days off school… are you kidding me. This was a party. Everyone there knowing of this should be arrested also.

  3. Someone that was there says:

    Common sense? I’m not sure that’s best name choice for you, although you do sound a lot like the other idiots on here that seem to think they have a clue what they’re talking about. I like that everyone is pointing fingers at these two brothers and trying to make it into something it’s not. While everyone on here seems to want to point fingers at the boys’ family and parenting for their actions, but why is it that no one is asking why the kid was at the party in the first place? The brothers are both over 18 meaning neither are their parents responsibilities any longer while the kid on the other hand wasn’t. Where where his parents? Why was he allowed to go out to this party?? You parent’s on here trying to preach and let the world know what they should do with their kids might want to be sure you know where your kid was that night because I know where they really where. Why do you all seem to think that the entire party was involved when in reality it was a small group. The kid was passed out on a couch in the back of the room away from the actual party where the majority of people where that never got any closer to the kid or saw any of these bad actions take place. The adults need to quit being so narrow minded and open their eyes to see that these brothers aren’t monsters and although do need some type of punishment don’t deserve the ridicule they’re getting in the media. Hasn’t everyone done something they’re not proud of when they had one to many beers? Hasn’t anyone had something they did and wished they could that back the next morning? Or am I the only one thats going to admitt that I’m not perfect? Grow up it was a drunken mistake that I’m sure the brothers both wish they could take back and wish had never happened. I’m also sure that the young boy who passed out on the couch wishes he could’ve changed what he did to contribute to the night. I might be the only one saying this but I hope he also gets something other than a slap on the wrist from all of this and at least ends up with an MCA and his parents might learn to keep a tighter leash on their kid.

    • a good friend says:

      Thank you. Preach.

    • Wow!!! says:

      Wow!!! Is all that I can say. How everyone seems to be jumping to the defense of these two individuals. “Someone that was there” – If you were there why did you not come foward, why did the brothers not come forward. The truth is none of you should have been at that party and not one of anybody should have been drinking period. Yes I have done things in the past that I am not proud of but the difference here is that I have never assaulted someone, I have never not taken accountability for my actions, and I have never photographed, taped, or distributed unkind actions towards another. You are correct both brothers are over 18 and they are being charged with the proper charges. Please keep in mind by being present at the location of an offense, not reporting, talking after the fact this makes you an accessory to the crime. I am cofused by your statement above is that this person was drinking and it is essentially his fault that he was assaulted by other drinking individuals. Going to a party, drinking underage, passing out does not make any excuse for somone removing my clothing, writing on my body, or mimicking or acutually penetrating my body while pictures and video were taken by guilty bystanders. The Resetarits brothers are not the victims here.Basically the guilty bystanders at this party have put together enough evidence to ensure they will receive exactly the punishment required. As for the media attention “You” the bystanders started it with publishing media depicting this horrifying event. You can raise your children how you wish by I have not heard any statements from the parents of the Resetarits brothers. Also, my parents raised me with enough integrity to walk away from a bad situation, stand up for what is right, and to protect the people that can’t stand up for themselves. My integrity also allows me to not have the ignorance of calling others “idiots”. So before you accuse people of “not knowing what they are talking about” think about it before you point the finger. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Imagine what media attention the true victim and his family is going through, imagine telling your parents what happened to you when you are victimized. Lastly Thank Goodness it wasn’t you that passed out at the party!!!!

    • What? says:

      May your college/ employment options be minimal, after you are charged as an accomplice to the CRIME!!

    • Disgusted with Homer says:

      …& all of you “adults” wonder what the problem with our youth is? Look at the pack lynch mob mentality going on here in Homer! No need to jump down my throat…just saying this “Kill them” mentality spreads…look @ the Salem Witch Hunts!! So easy to sit & be the judge, jury & executioner from behind a keyboard. By all means lets just hang these two…stick our heads back in the sand & pretend everthing is perfect in our damn little hamlet! We all raise our kids & hope they never make horrible choices that negatively effect themselves or those around them …BUT … if they do at some point make an ABSOLUTE GRAVELY WRONG choice that changes lives…how as a parent would you hope the community you live in would treat yourself, your child & your family. IWe all have a responsibility in this ….

      • jolene says:

        I agree that we all have a responsibility in this.

        Our media, our children’s main influence (ask yourself who spends more time with your children?) has degraded to the point where these type of assaults are seen as funny by kids. How many parents really know what their children are watching on cable or viewing on the internet? Whose fault would it be that our media and then our society has degraded into this cultural mess that we see today? We are leaving our children a country in a much worse state that we received it.

        Just like no accountability for the recent presidency starting two wars and spending our country into huge debt, now they want to cut off our children’s future of Social Security and Medicare to pay for it and more tax cuts for old rich people. These are the leaders of our country opening working for the already wealthy and the media lying to everyone every day promoting the agenda of the 1% to continue the class war stealing all of America’s wealth for themselves.

        And what have the adults done in this country? Nothing. WE are an embarrassment to this nation. WE have been setting horrible examples for our children, selfishly hoarding the last bit of America’s wealth, watching the whole democratic experiment go down the tubes, mindlessly entertaining ourselves. Selfishly pretending everything is OK, while we are leaving our children a country based on lies and zero opportunity! They have outsourced our jobs, left huge piles of debt for our children spent on wars based on lies, implemented costly huge new government programs that violate our Constitution…and we have done nothing to stop them. The wealth is so concentrated into the hands of so few, and yet the 1%ers corporate media tell us the wealthy need even more. And people will actually vote for Romney, who the 1% media loves!

        Now take a step back and look at our community. All of the large spaces, all of the wealth in the community goes for wealthy people and tourists. What is there for teenagers to do at night in the community? There might be a few activities here and there which always cost $$, but no where for teenagers to just spend time. When I am in town at night, almost everything is shut down, but there are teenagers walking around, with nothing to do.

        Does anyone in this town remember being young? Having energy? Liking to socialize and goof off with friends? Being awake past 9 pm?

        What would you do if you were a teenager in this town? With today’s cultural influences delivered by the 1%ers media? I can’t say I would be any different that these teenagers. Sure when we were kids if someone passed out at a party we would be concerned about their well being rather than pull their clothes off and take pictures.
        But whose fault is that really? They are a product of our society and our community. And when teenagers have nothing to do, they imitate what they see on TV or take stupidity to the lowest common denominator because it’s cool and gets attention.

        How about we do more as a community to introduce better ideas, better influences, and a safer environment to hang out in at night when teenagers have free time and like to socialize? Perhaps this would not change a criminal’s behavior, but it might have been a place that the victim would have rather gone that night. Perhaps half of those teenagers might not have been there if there was something else to do.

        What comes across to our children as far as our priorities in this community? A park that serves the very young, a football field that serves the athletes all look good to adults on the outside, but nothing has been done to serve our children and their psychological needs.

        Teenagers need to socialize, they need to have fun parties at night, they just need a safe place to do it. When a teen center was mentioned to the city council, they said ‘oh no’ we don’t have the money for that, after having purchased $100,000 worth of new furniture for themselves. They tax us to support the museum(they’re building a new museum!), tax us to support he visitors center, tax us to support every damn thing the city council wants…but we can’t do anything for the teenagers. We know where their priorities lie Homer, but what about the parents in this community? What will you do? Because if we don’t provide a better example, a better place to be, a way to redirect if you will, parties like this will continue and probably get worse. Basic psychology 101. Negative reinforcement creates more negative behaviors. Positive redirection…well why do we give it a try and see?

    • from WY says:

      Honey, when you learn how to spell you will be an adult and can comment how to raise children. If you were there, drunk and passed out and someone took your pants and panties off without your knowledge, then you would be o.k. with that? Like hell you would.
      That is ASSAULT. And then if they put an object near any of your private parts then that is SEXUAL ASSAULT, and that would be o.k. to give these wonderful young boys a break, right? Because they’re not perfect and you could forgive then, right? I mean everyone makes mistakes. And when YOU have a daughter or son anyone is allowed to do this with them too.. Because NO ONE is perfect, right.
      GROW UP because you have no idea the devastation this has caused this young man and his family and I hope to God it never happens to you because you couldn’t handled it. The two ADULT boys should have known better than the underage boy that was unconscious, who knows he could have been dying for all any of you other idiots could have known.

  4. Peggy Frazier says:

    What a terribly horrible thing to happen to a young adult. It is truly heart-breaking. I can’t say that if I were the mother of that child I wouldn’t want the whole damn party arrested…but that would be running off of pure emotion, which seems to be what a number of adults in this community are doing. At a party of 80 kids, where 14 of them were active members of some extra-curricular sport or another, it seems, from what I have been hearing, that the Homer High Football team is bearing the brunt. To hear “the FOOTBALL TEAM raped a kid” in the aisles of Safeway, and to know that someone said to a completely innocent football player (of which only 5 were at that party), at the playoff game, “It doesn’t matter if you win, cuz you’re going to prison for rape”….This is coming from the adults in this town? Come on Homer, get a grip! We should be rallying as a community, true, but we should be rallying around that kid and his family, providing ALL the teenagers involved some education and support, both those at the party and the ones that are now having to live in the aftermath. What we shouldn’t be doing is pointing fingers, laying blame and victimizing a whole team of young, otherwise innocent and impressionable teenagers. There is already one victim, and two that quite possibly will get to be victims themselves. Trash talking the coach, degrading the parents of Homer, the directions where the fingers are pointing are endless…should they really zero in on these boys? Shame on you!!

  5. Jd says:

    It’s nice to see all the Homer High kids rushing to defend alleged sex offenders. Go mariners!! It’s especially great to hear the responses from the kids that were at the party and did nothing to step in. Go mariners! It was great to see pictures of one of the alleged sex offenders playing in the home coming game. Go mariners! Homer High seems to be doing a great job educating its children and teaching empathy towards victims. Go mariners!

  6. So sad says:

    To those that know the truth will keep their mouths shut. This is tragic all around, quit gossiping and treat this how you would want people to treat your family.

  7. elsieak says:

    Please stop relating this OFF CAMPUS EVENT to Mariner football and the high school… So far one kid on the team was allegedly involved and is being held accountable for his actions, it was not the football team!!!!! It may come out that one of the other five suspended players were involved but for now that is not the case. There are approximately 40 + other players C team/ JV and Varsity, NOT at that party and NOT involved… They do not share the blame for this incident.. It is heartbreaking to read about how the team is being portrayed when the reality is most of the kids have ethics, work hard to not only play football but to keep grades up, balance part time jobs etc.. I do not have a child on the team but we will be going to Anchorage to support the rest of the team in the championship game!

    • Disgusted with Homer says:

      I do agree that THIS incident did not involve the entire team…sothe entire team does not deserve the punishment. I do wonder however how this team feels they have EARNED the spot they will play this weekend? Considering a major player @ the Thunder Mt game was removed from the team on Monday for drinking @ the Homecoming dance the weekend before. Would we have won the game without him? Or how about the members that WERE @ this party that were drinking…shouldn’t they have been given MCA’s?… therefore being taken off the team? I do think there are alot of good kids playing the game…so how about we take out the ones that aren’t playing by the rules…& the ones that know about all the little games being played by some of the others but aren’t fessing up. THAT is the team that should go to state!! We may not win…but it’s not always about winning…it’s about how you play the game!

      • Peggy Frazier says:

        The MAJOR player was not drinking at the dance….he did drink before the dance with a group of 20 plus students….student council members, homecoming kings and queens, and who knows who else…THIS young man was HONEST when questioned about his pre-dance activities (while there are a number of dishonest kids with their dishonest parents defending the tune of the other 19 kids). Breaking the rules is not okay and this particular kid is more than paying the price….and is doing so with integrity and honesty. He is a good kid with morals and respect, that unfortunately made an unwise decision. He is not worthy of another subject to have fingers being pointed at.

  8. Saddened says:

    I personally know one of the parents of the boys that were charged. I have to say that I have never met a person so kind-hearted and giving. A pillar in the community. The things that happened at that party are heinous. These two will undoubtedly pay the price. I am ashamed for them. There is a point in life when you have to let your children take responsibility for their actions. This is that time. My heart goes out to this parent. I have empathy for the anguish, embarrassment, and ridicule that they must be experiencing. I hope and pray that we can separate the anger and disgust that we all feel toward these two boys and what the parents of these boys must be going through.



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