Letters – Oct. 17

No more salmon lip-service

Listening to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly meeting last Tuesday had me standing in my kitchen in disbelief at the continued testimony of my fellow borough residents. You can argue all you want, but a red salmon is not going to change its life history to accommodate your lakefront home.
Our reds, our sockeye salmon on the Kenai Peninsula, live in our lakes for the first several years of their lives. “Sockeye spend approximately the first half of their life cycle rearing in lakes.”
What part of “sockeye salmon spend half of their lives in lakes” do you not understand? When you say you love salmon, and you’re all about protecting their habitat, just not on your lakefront, what exactly do you mean? How can you profess to love our salmon and want to protect them, when you are at the same time telling me that you don’t?
I don’t want to be petty here, but I’m surprised and saddened by the vehemence with which people are calling for the repeal of protecting our salmon. These are my fish as much as they are yours, and together we all have a responsibility to protect them and where they live; which includes your lakefront and my river.
You don’t get to choose where the salmon live, so just how committed you are to keeping them around for your children and mine? Supporting Ordinance 2011-12, sockeye salmon included, is a commitment to our salmon, our economy and our children.
Rachel Lord,
Kenai Peninsula Borough resident

Working hard to regain respect

To all of those who have supported me throughout my high school career, I apologize for my actions last weekend. I have let you all down. Please believe me when I say that I know how big my mistake was and that it will be in my head until the day I die. I ask that you remember who I am and who I still am. I will work twice as hard as a student athlete for the remainder of my high school career to try to gain back the respect and support I have lost from you.
To the people in the community who have made incorrect assumptions about the Homer High School football team, I would like to make sure you understand that my actions can only be reflected on myself and not on the team.
My brother and I were two football players out of more than 20 students who allegedly consumed alcohol before the homecoming dance. Other students made the same bad decision. I ask that students’ behaviors be criticized as individuals and not as the sport teams or group activities they participate in.
To the football team and the parents of the players that have always supported us, I wish to again apologize for letting you down. I care about you like you are my brothers; I hope you all can forgive me eventually. I wish you all the best at State. You deserve to be there.
I would like to again apologize and say that I have learned my lesson and I can honestly say that I will never make a decision like that again. I realize now how many people are affected by my one choice, and that thought alone will dissuade me from ever acting so recklessly again.
Mark McGregor
Homer High School senior

Judge’s objectivity in question?

I was associated with a recent case in Judge M. Murphy’s court. In my opinion, she was dismissive and arrogant, taking the side of an abuser while belittling a domestic abuse victim. She appeared to have an agenda and prior prejudice.
I am a professional in my field. I see people at their most vulnerable. Never have I seen such unjust treatment of an abuse victim in any professional circumstance as witnessed in Judge Murphy’s court.
I am very uncomfortable with her presiding over the alleged Homer High School rape case. I do not believe she will conduct the proceedings in a fair manner for any of the parties involved.
Please do not vote to retain her in the upcoming retention election. Her antagonism toward defendants and victims could hurt you and those you love. We are all vulnerable.
Margaret Kreitz

Anchor Point looks to beautify cemetery

The Anchor Point Community and Cemetery Association, Inc., would like to thank the following people for their wonderful contributions to the improvements and beautifications of our cemetery in Anchor Point:
David Roderick for donation of materials to build benches, Dick Stapel and R.J. Austin for building the benches, Fritz Elefritz for the lovely carving, Shanna and Marc Roderick for the creative wood burning, anchoring the benches and building crosses. Andre Drake for donation of the memorial rock and Al Poindexter for donation of the marble chip around it.
Many community members have given time, materials and funds that have enabled us to continue to progress in our endeavor to create a cemetery that is peaceful and most importantly, unique. 
Thank you. We are grateful to all who have contributed in any way.
Lydetter Kieffer, President
Raymond Drake, Vice President


Keeping our kids warm and dry

At Homer Head Start, we believe children need to play outside every day. Needless to say, there are lots of wet clothes this fall.
Thanks to local community support, children will be splashing in rubber boots, raincoats and rain pants in the future. We sincerely thank the Homer Foundation for their generous contribution from the Brother Asaiah Bates Fund.
This gift, along with a generous in-kind contribution from Redden Marine Supply and an individual donation through United Way, will keep our young learners dry as they conduct their explorations.
Community partners coming together makes Homer a wonderful place to raise our children.
Terri Mach,
site director, Homer Head Start

Improving our gateway to Bishop’s Beach

I would like to commend those who participated in the latest Old Town movement, which exemplified our priority in beautifying our gateway to Bishop’s Beach. The two new visual speed bumps have been realized by way of volunteers in the neighborhood. Kudos!
It is a wonderful thing to be a part of such a caring and generous community, and I look forward to our next motion forward in creating a beautiful pedestrian-friendly district.
Brianna Allen

Students thankful for film opportunity

I am a student at Homer Flex and I am writing to thank Jamie and Lynette Sutton for giving us the opportunity to watch free documentaries at the Ninth-Annual Film Festival at Homer Family Theatre.
All the students at Flex are thankful for the opportunity to watch the documentaries. After watching them, we wrote about how the topic of each individual documentary affects our lives. We had great discussions about the films, especially “Bully.”
We all had a great time watching the films and learning about the different topics.
For Flex Students and Staff,
Anton Kuzmin, Student

Everyone comes out a winner

Don’t be sad if you didn’t win the 2012 Harley Davidson Switchback,or one of 15 other raffle prizes from the Kachemak Bay LionsClub. Your $100 “donation” is going to help fund eye exams and glasses, Thanksgiving baskets, Long-Term Care Center Christmas gifts,leader dogs for the blind, diabetes research, cancer research, summer camps for visually impaired children, fire and medical emergencies,education scholarships and more.
While Jim Stone is the true winner of the Harley, there are so many other winners who will be helped because of your generosity. In these times of economic hardship, for many it is truly heartening to see people still giving to help those less fortunate. For that, we in Kachemak Bay Lions are very grateful.
A big “thank you” to Adrienne and her staff at AJ’s Oldtown Steakhouse and Tavern for providing a great venue for our Biker’s Ball, and a very special thank you to Si, Ron and all the gang at Kenai Peninsula Harley Davidson for all their support for our raffle. We would also like to thank Scruggs Automotive and Tire, Fresh Catch Café, Fat Olives and the Homer Farmers Market. Without their helping us sell tickets or donating prizes, it would be very difficult to pull off this big event.
Again thank you to everyone who “donated.” You make it possible for Kachemak Bay Lions to support so many worthy causes.
Amy Shumaker, President
Tary Youngblood, Harley Raffle Chairman Kachemak Bay Lions

Federal Reserve more corporation

The Federal Reserve, the Fed, is a private, for-profit, conglomeration of banks, including international banks that stem from the Rothschild empire.
The word ‘Federal’ is misleading. It, along with the IRS, was established and signed into law in 1913, under President Wilson. Wilson later regretted this signing. It passed through Congress after midnight right before Christmas while most of Congress was absent due to Christmas. It was never ratified by the states. Its 100 year charter is up next year.
This governmental money system is what is known as a ‘Central Bank.’ Central banks were disdained and often warned about by many of our founding fathers. The USA treasury writes bonds for, and asks the Fed to print up (out of thin air) and issue money which is then distributed to branch banks, who use fractional reserve lending with interest. This puts our country deeper in debt to those who buy these bonds (like China).
The more money that is printed, the greater inflation, war spending being the greatest creator of debt inflation. A crash or hyper-inflation is inevitable. This is all manipulated/engineered by the global banksters to take over America.
John F. Kennedy was the last president who was taking steps to quit the central bank system and get our own government to issue its own currency.
Quantitative Easing has now begun, printing money at the rate of $40 billion per month which will cause the purchasing power of our dollar to become worth less and less. This means things get more expensive. 
Another thing the common American should be aware of is the District of Columbia Act of 1871. That is when our country became a corporation, no longer United States. It changed from These United States to The United States. The implications are huge and I don’t have the time to get into all of the ramifications, but basically, we are owned by a corporation. 
Sovereignty of the individual American citizen and states of our union should be returned, as well as a return from Maritime Law to Common Law. 
Richard Olson

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