Bail made in sexual assault case

By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune

Photo courtesy of KTTU - Anthony Resetarits being arraigned in Anchorage.

Photo courtesy of KTTU - Anthony Resetarits being arraigned in Anchorage.

District Court Judge Margaret Murphy ruled on a multi-conditioned bail that requires third-party custodians in order to release Anthony Resetarits, 20, and his brother Joseph Resetarits, 18 from jail Tuesday afternoon.
Homer High School student Joseph was arrested in Homer Thursday morning. His brother was arrested the same day in Anchorage, both charged in the case of a teen boy sexually assaulted Sept. 9 at a party where teens gathered at a home on East End Road.
They were charged with second-degree sexual assault, penetration of an incapacitated person.
Due to the seriousness of the case and both boys’ close ties to Homer youth, Murphy is requiring no contact with the victim, no contact between the brothers, supervised cell phone use only, no Internet except for school work, no contact with the high school and 24-hour sight and sound supervision.
On Sept. 10, a South Peninsula Hospital nurse in Homer reported to the Alaska State Troopers that a 17-year-old male was in the hospital reporting he had been sexually assaulted on or about Sept. 8. A party involving 30-40 young people had taken place on that night at the home of a Homer High School student while the student’s father was at home. The victim arrived at the home at 8 p.m. and was reported by several individuals to be drinking heavily. About an hour later, he passed out on a small couch in the living room of the home.
Troopers say in the charging documents that multiple juveniles interviewed reported the victim was unconscious and not responsive to attempts to wake him up. The party grew from a few initial members to include five members of the football team and graduated alumni into a large gathering of 60-80 people, according to the troopers’ affidavit.
“Although it is currently unknown who provided the alcohol at the party, it was reported that many of the individuals, including the juvenile individuals at the party, were consuming alcohol. The owner of the home, whose son gave the party, reported that he went to sleep in his room, directly off the main living room/kitchen area where the party was held, and was unaware that juveniles were drinking alcohol at his residence until he came out the next morning and found all the alcohol containers.
At some point during the party, after the victim had passed out from alcohol consumption, several individuals as yet unidentified, according to the affidavit, began taking turns writing and drawing things on the victim with a Sharpie marker.
Eventually a male at the party, identified as Anthony Resetarits, shaved an M into the hair on the victim’s head, symbolic for Mariners, the name of the high school football team. It was reported that multiple individuals surrounding the victim on the couch took video and photos of the incident. A female admitted to watching a video of Anthony Resetarits on a friend’s phone as he shaved the victim’s hair into an M. She reportedly deleted the video after watching it. A separate male stated that he tried to wake up the victim while people were drawing on him with the Sharpie, but the victim remained unresponsive.
At some point after the victim had been written on and drawn on, people around him on the couch began to yell out ideas about what should happen next. A unknown teen made a suggestion, and the boy’s pants and underwear were reportedly pulled off. At this point, troopers report that the Resetarits brothers sexually assaulted the victim with a bottle.
Troopers were able to recover multiple photos taken at the party, including those showing the assault. The party was disbanded shortly after the incident and the victim, still unconscious, was taken to his mother by friends.
At Tuesday’s hearing, Prosecuting Attorney Kelly Lawson argued that the severity of the case requires restrictions on the Internet, cell phone use and contact with one another. Judge Murphy said that the brothers are likely more dangerous together than apart to the community.
The victim’s mother also argued that the defendants have too much power over other youth. She said her son is so devastated by the incident that he has moved out of state.
But defense attorneys Bill Taylor, for Joseph and Phillip Weidner, for Anthony, argued neither youth has a criminal record and are innocent until proven guilty. Anthony is a biology major at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Joseph is a senior at Homer High.
Murphy set the bail at $5,000 for each defendant released Anthony to his mother, with a second back-up custodian and Joseph to his father, with a second back-up custodian.
More charges may result from the investigation, said Trooper Sgt. Jeremy Stone. The investigation continues.

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22 Responses for “Bail made in sexual assault case”

  1. just wondering says:

    Hopefully some justice for the victim will finally be had.
    Now, What happened to the million dollar grant for the Homer Prevention Project that was supposed to address teen drinking?

    • KJ says:

      yep 5K seems be the going rate for a great date night–by Murphy’s standards. My perp’s gone on to contact me relentlessly; has since ben indicted for five counts of 1st degree S.A… No worries… 5K for a night of passion. Whatever…

    • unbelievable says:

      This is what was done with ONE MILLION DOLLARS?

      From local paper:

      “Homer Prevention Project, or HPP identified the issues of sexual assault and domestic violence as being of importance. One way to address those issues is to look at the substance abuse angle, particularly underage and adult binge drinking. HPP recently did a needs assessment survey that interviewed adults and teens and found teenagers reporting about 25 percent had consumed five or more drinks in a row in the past 30 days and 10 percent of adults saying they had five or more drinks in a row.

      The prevention project looked at how adult alcohol abuse can cause adverse childhood experiences. Such experiences can lead to underage drinking, which causes adult alcohol abuse, and so on, perpetuating a cycle.

      “If it’s damaged as a sapling, it’s not going to be a healthy tree,” is how Ginny Espenshade, one of the Homer Prevention Project committee members, explained adverse childhood experiences.

      “We’ve got a river. We’re trying to get them out of the river, and upstream they’re jumping into the river,” she explained the cycle.

      When the Sept. 8 incident started being talked about, Espenshade said her group started getting phone calls asking what they were doing … It would honor those people hurt by events (to answer) what are we doing about sustainable change?”

      Referring to a chart, Espenshade pointed to four columns showing how HPP would work toward change and address the issues of underage and adult binge drinking. Three of the columns are filled in and identify the issue of alcohol abuse and the cycle it creates; variables affecting the issue, such as community norms and perception of risk; and contributing factors, such as community tolerance of underage and adult binge drinking. The solution part of the chart, strategies, is the next step to be done this fall.”

      Almost a year and one million dollars later, they come to obvious conclusions that psychologists could have told you thirty years ago?

      They have no solutions. How much was the survey? We need to see an accounting of how this money was spent.

      There is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there?

    • prevention says:

      The Homer PREVENTION project has been busy analyzing 300 surveys (which cost how much of the million dollars?) and their conclusions are basically reinventing the wheel, ideas that have been discussed for decades. The prevention project has wasted one million dollars and has yet to start on the solutions column, a way to prevent the problem.

      What could we have done with that million dollars for the teenagers in this town?

      That might have paid for a sweet place for teens to hang out at night, on the weekends, LATE at night, when teenagers are socializing. Let’s not just think about the perps in this crime, lets think about how to prevent future victims. Criminals will always be criminals, but wouldn’t it be nice if the good kids in town had somewhere safe to go and socialize? So they don’t have to expose themselves to this type of drinking moronic selfish non-thinking let’s one up each other on the stupid party like atmosphere?

  2. Sanders Castle says:

    While alcohol was the obvious catalyst for this horrific event, it’s not entirely to blame. Teenagers are going to drink; some more responsibly than others, but it’s the parents job to inform their child about the dangers of alcohol. There’s also a lot to be said for the impact the group effect has on people, and I’m sure that played a major role at this party. Regardless of the motives for this act, it was indeed a disgusting, shameful thing to do, whether it was actively participating or just watching. I sincerely hope this story has a long-lasting impact on every adolescent who hears of it.

  3. While alcohol was the obvious catalyst for this horrific event, it’s not entirely to blame. Teenagers are going to drink, some more responsibly than others. It’s the parents job to instill good moral values in their child, and to be blunt, it sounds like these kids were lacking in this area. There’s also a lot to be said for the impact the group effect has on people, and I’m sure that played a major role at this party. Regardless of the motives for this act, it was indeed a disgusting, shameful thing to do, whether it was actively participating or standing idly by. I sincerely hope this story has a long-lasting impact on every adolescent who hears of it.

  4. Frank S says:

    $5000???? Are you serious. The court system is so messed up.

  5. Jamie M says:

    So is violating someone with a beer bottle.

  6. speshak says:

    30 to 40 kids at this party and where was the owner/ parent at that time? rumor has it he was asleep in an adjacent room. i have a hard time believing that adult could sleep thru all of this debauchery. who furnished the alcohol?

  7. You all are ridiculous says:

    You know what’s funny? That boy actually called his mother than night and asked her to pick him up from that party, you want to know what she said? No. Needless to say I have a feeling there are some alternative motives behind all of these charges that look something like this $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • Tom Kinger says:

      I am sure you are right. The mother knew her son would be raped by these animals, and she could turn a profit in the end if she did not pick him up. Really. These punks and all the punks at the party who would not come to the aid of a fellow human by calling 911 instead used there phones to video it. What a bunch of worthless trash all at party are. I heard the dad that was at home was engaging in sex with a 16 year old Homer girl. Why arn’t the police charging him with rape???

  8. OldVandal says:

    Homer is just a quiant little drinking village with a fishing problem.

  9. c-prime says:

    Joey, i love you man, and im going to be praying for you. you to Anthony.

  10. wow says:

    Excuse me? Do You know them personally? because I do and there is nothing wrong with their family. Anthony and Joe made a terrible sick twisted choice but it was their choice. You cant blame others for you own decision. Anthony was a good friend to me and I hate to see him in this situation but he did it and he needs to pay for it along with baby joe. So if youre blaming anyone blame them not their parents, im sure they feel responsible enough as it is.

    • thank you says:

      thank you. DO NOT blame doug and maria for their sons behavior. joey and anthony have always been upstanding boys and one stupid decision should not label their parents and coaches and their school. i do not condone their actions but i do want to remind you all that they are ACCUSED not CONVICTED. wait untill someone is convicted and then label them rapists and their parents bad mentors and influences

  11. Class of '89 says:

    I’m saddened to read such things are happening in Homer. I don’t have solutions to offer that everyone will like, but my feeling is there is nothing wrong with telling your child no when it comes to underage drinking. Even going so far as to not let them out if they betray the law and seek out these parties. I know I sound old fashion, but I survived high school with out drinking, I know my parents cared enough about me to enforce some tough love even when it interrupted their social plans.
    I hope Homer can find its Mariner Spirit and take this tragedy as a turning point. I pray for the victim and his recovery.

  12. Marc C says:

    After reading every one of these comments in their entirety, I have to ask you one thing about your final comment; “One more misstep like this and Gee and Atwater have to resign.”, REALLY??? One more time is the bar?

    This school and the community at large have some real issues. You people need to draw a line in the sand right here, right now.

  13. TankMan says:

    This is what happens when you hang out with Sigma Alpha Epsilon at College

  14. thank you says:

    All of your friends at Homer High love you joey, think will be okay.

  15. Hindert J says:

    So I guess they are all guilty until proven guilty? I realize they have already been convicted in many peoples’ minds. Just something everyone should keep in thought. Let the justice system do what it is designed to.
    As far as their parents and football coach being to blame, are you serious? This simply ridiculous . Anyone who knows their parents can tell you that they are both good caring people in our community. But you know what, we should analyze this. I am sure it was the football coach teaching these “psychopaths” day after day to hit harder, brainwashing them to feel no emotions and to inflict only pain. He probably even paid them a cash reward for every opponent they could removed from the field by injuring them. Or even more likely, I bet it was one of their brothers. Most likely the one who is special forces in the army. I am sure he taught them his blood thirsty ways; to torture, and inflict misery. Let’s just blame their teachers while we’re at it. Two words, Personal Responsibility. foolishness Shawn V

  16. A little compassion says:

    Harsh comments. I don’t wish this on any community or any family. “All teens will drink . . .” that’s idiotic. Not all teens drink. Not all teens do stupid things. At some point children are no longer attached to the cord and they are responsible for their own choices. In a community and culture that glorifies drugs and drinking, and deifies people who are risk-takers and more aggressive, what about our responsibility to model decent behaviors to our kids? If you want the government (a.k.a. the school) to take complete moral responsibility for the actions of our children, does that mean they are the responsible parties for moral education in our kids? I certainly wouldn’t want the state to take on that role in my children! Come on Blamers! Take some responsibility and get involved.

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