3rd arrest made in sexual assault

• Gov. Parnell to visit Homer 5:30 p.m. today at the Mariner Theatre for public dialogue on violence.
By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune

Alaska State Troopers arrested a third person, a 16-year-old Homer High School football player, in the case of the alleged sexual assault involving teens at a Sept. 8 party fueled by alcohol.
The student is not named in a press release from trooper spokesperson Megan Peters. Her statement was limited to saying that, at 7:16 p.m. on Sunday, the student was arrested and transported to the Kenai Youth Facility. The investigation into the party that involved up to 80 young people is continuing. This case is confidential as it involves a minor who is charged through the Department of Juvenile Justice. No documents are available, as they are not a matter of public record.
This brings a total of three arrests arising from an alleged sexual assault on a 17-year-old male. Brothers Joseph Resetarits, 18, and 20-year-old Anthony Resetarits were arrested earlier and charged with felony sexual assault for sexual penetration of an incapacitated person. Last week, Judge Margaret Murphy granted bail for the brothers.
Troopers say the 17-year-old victim attended the large party at a home in Homer on Sept. 8. He reportedly was drinking heavily and passed out, and authorities say he was sexually assaulted. Among the evidence troopers recovered are numerous photos from the party.
At the bail hearing, the victim’s mother told the court her son is devastated by the teens’ cruelty at the party, and left Homer High School to go to out of state a few years ago because he, “didn’t like the way things were in Homer.” He had reportedly attended school here since third grade.
The prosecuting attorney quizzed each of the brothers’ third-party custodians about their knowledge of the case. When the father admitted he had not read the charging documents, the judge asked him to read them in the courtroom. The parents could not be third-party custodians to both boys; each is under separate 24-hour sight and sound supervision.
Due to the seriousness of the case, as well as both boys’ close ties to the community, Murphy is requiring no contact with the victim, no contact between brothers, supervised cell phone use only, no Internet except for school work and no contact with the high school.
Both the Prosecuting Attorney Kelly Lawson and Judge Murphy said the brothers have influence over many teens in town, and wanted their contact limited in order to let the troopers make a complete investigation.
Trooper Sgt. Jeremy Stone has said it is difficult to interview witnesses because there is a sense that they are “ratting” on friends. He said this has made the case take longer to investigate.
On Sept. 10, a South Peninsula Hospital nurse in Homer reported to the Alaska State Troopers that a 17-year-old male was in the hospital reporting he had been sexually assaulted on or about Sept. 8. A party involving 30-40 young people (according to the high school) had taken place on that night at the home of a Homer High School student while the student’s father was at home. The victim arrived at the home at 8 p.m. and was reported by several individuals to be drinking heavily. About an hour later, he passed out on a small couch in the living room of the home.
Troopers say in the charging documents that multiple juveniles interviewed reported the victim was unconscious and not responsive to attempts to wake him up. The party grew from a few initial members to include five members of the football team and graduated alumni into a large gathering of 60-80 people, according to the troopers’ affidavit.
“Although it is currently unknown who provided the alcohol at the party, it was reported that many of the individuals, including the juvenile individuals at the party, were consuming alcohol. The owner of the home, whose son gave the party, reported that he went to sleep in his room, directly off the main living room/kitchen area where the party was held, and was unaware that juveniles were drinking alcohol at his residence until he came out the next morning and found all the alcohol containers.
At some point during the party, after the victim had passed out from alcohol consumption, several individuals as yet unidentified, according to the affidavit, began taking turns writing and drawing things on the victim with a Sharpie marker.
Eventually a male at the party, identified as Anthony Resetarits, shaved an M into the hair on the victim’s head, symbolic for Mariners, the name of the high school football team. It was reported that multiple individuals surrounding the victim on the couch took video and photos of the incident. A female admitted to watching a video of Anthony Resetarits on a friend’s phone as he shaved the victim’s hair into an M. She reportedly deleted the video after watching it. A separate male stated that he tried to wake up the victim while people were drawing on him with the Sharpie, but the victim remained unresponsive.
At some point after the victim had been written on and drawn on, people around him on the couch began to yell out ideas about what should happen next. A unknown teen made a suggestion, and the boy’s pants and underwear were reportedly pulled off. At this point, troopers report that the Resetarits brothers sexually assaulted the victim with a bottle.
The party was disbanded shortly after the incident and the victim, still unconscious, was taken to his mother by friends.
At Tuesday’s bail hearing, Prosecuting Attorney Lawson argued that the severity of the case requires restrictions on the Internet, cell phone use and contact with one another. Judge Murphy said that the brothers are likely more dangerous together than apart to the community.
But defense attorneys Bill Taylor, for Joseph and Phillip Weidner, for Anthony, argued neither youth has a criminal record and are innocent until proven guilty. Anthony is a biology major at the University of Alaska Anchorage. He had been captain of the football and the track team during his time at Homer High. Joseph is a senior at Homer High.
Murphy set the bail at $5,000 for each defendant and released Anthony to his mother, with a second back-up custodian and Joseph to his father, with a second back-up custodian.

Governor to visit
Gov. Sean Parnell is coming to Homer today to take part in a dialogue hosted by South Peninsula Haven House. It begins at 5:30 p.m. tonight at the Mariner Theatre and the public is invited. The Homer High School addressed the public last week to explain its handling of this case. MAPP of the Southern Peninsula also is addressing how to help young people make healthy choices. This is the second public meeting called by Haven House to look at issues around sexual assault, on not being a bystander, on how to respond safely in the face of violence. The dialogue aims at arming youth with strategies for long-lasting change.

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  1. prevention says:

    Had the Homer Prevention project spent the million dollars on providing a place for teens to be at night like a teen center of some sort, this entire mess could have been prevented as per their name. Instead they wasted the money on surveys and have no solutions.

    Bullies will always be bullies, however the community needs to think about providing a bully free place for teens to be. a safe environment where teens can socialize at night without fear. Most of the teens are good kids and deserve somewhere to be at night. They need a place to be where drinking is not the social norm. After this party, most parents will be locking their teens up, however that is not going to provide the positive solution that this situation requires.

    Negative reinforcement creates more negative behavior. Positive reinforcement creates more positive behavior. We need to redirect the teens energy by providing a place to go LATE AT NIGHT, when teens like to socialize, a positive atmosphere (with supervision) to break this current cycle.

    Of course this will not change a criminal’s behavior, but it will provide a place for the teens who want to avoid bullies and drinking but not feel ostracized.

  2. OldVandal says:

    “Homer is a small drinking village with a fishing problem.”

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