Police report – Sept. 5

A caller reported a possible computer fraud on Diamond Ridge.
A person reported related drug information.
A caller reported an unknown person banging on RV doors and lockers at night on Main Street.
A woman presented herself at the counter with a question about a potential renter.

A man reported a stolen wallet from his tent on Spit Rd.
An anonymous caller reported a malnourished and uncared for puppy on Svedlund Dr.

An anonymous caller reported a theft of a hand gun inside of a back pack, after the fact.
A library staff person reported an intoxicated men inside the library on Hazel St.
A caller reported a dog on a very short leash unable to move around.
A caller reported an intoxicated man walking down the roadway on the Spit.

A person reported they lost their wallet in the Homer area.
An officer made contact with a man on probation during a routine traffic stop.
An officer warned a driver for excessive acceleration on a gravel road.
A woman reported a man took her purse.

A caller reported a lost jacket with items in it.
A caller reported a possible unattended small child left in the vehicle on Jenny Way.
A caller reported a large bag on the side of the highway.
A caller reported an intoxicated person attempted to access her apartment and left on Main St.
A woman reported an attempted theft of a tractor from her property on Sterling Highway.

A caller reported her vehicle struck a moose on East End Rd.
A 911 caller reported an unknown person throwing rocks onto a boat in the harbor.

A person reported his wallet was lost possibly at the RV Dump Station.
A caller reported a vehicle illegally camping on the Beach on Crittenden Dr.
A caller reported possible gunshots in the area.

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