Letters – Sept. 26

Gasline process moving too fast

I am pleased that natural gas is coming to the Homer area. However, I have several concerns about the process underway for its distribution.
The city is on a very aggressive schedule to have Enstar install lines throughout town in the next two summers. Public meetings at the Homer High School in October will be followed by assessment notices in November. Unless more than 50 percent of the owners of all lots in the city object before the January council public hearing, every lot owner will pay an estimated $3,283 for access to natural gas whether they intent to connect or not.
This timeline is too fast for adequate education and deliberation. Although the city has an excellent website dedicated to the gas line, many people have not been following this project and don’t know they should learn more about it. Many city lot owners do not live in Homer and have no idea this is in the works. Homeowners need more time to learn about conversion and all potential costs. Developers and owners of vacant land need more time to decide if this improvement is in their best interest at this time. We need more time to inform people that the project is happening.
Requiring more than 50 percent of all city parcel owners to formally object to inclusion in the natural gas assessment district in order for the district to be redrawn is unreasonable. It would be better to require a majority favorable response to the district, especially since the city has initiated the process rather than a group of interested individuals. The borough, for example, requires 70 percent of the owners of affected lots to approve a petition for a utility assessment district. The city council made changes to the process earlier this year to facilitate utility construction, which I believe make it too burdensome for individuals to resist.
Citywide access to natural gas is wonderful if that’s what most city lot owners want, but it is important for everyone to participate and learn about this project in order to make a city-wide decision to proceed.
Mary Griswold

A sign of the times

More than 30 years ago, President Ronald Reagan was able to politically unite the reverse-Robin Hood, economic fascists and the anti-abortion, anti-gay, religious fascist fanatics. What is now causing the fascist alliance to crumble is the economic fascists who have eaten all of the seed corn, or given it to their fascist campaign contributors, and the religious fascist fanatics are beginning to realize that God is not on their side.
The economic fascists have succeeded in nearly collapsing the U.S. economy by funneling money to robber barons, fascist fat-cats and plutocrats, while bankrupting the middle class. In the same way that Osama bin Laden said martyrs would go to heaven and get 72 virgins, the Christian Taliban in the U.S. promised the war in Iraq would pay for itself and the Arabs would welcome us as liberators.
Now the religious fascist fanatics, one faction of which has a Pope who was a member in good standing of the Hitler youth, don’t support Romney because he is not “holier than thou” enough or his “cult” is satanic.
Unfortunately for the world, the collapse of Bush-Reagan fascism didn’t happen 32 years ago.
Frank Vondersaar

Music reviewers wanted

It seems someone should write a review for all the excellent groups and musicians that came to Homer this summer. Last month was loaded. Most of Homer residents already know how “musically talented Homer” has already been ascended into stardom. Alaska in general is one heck of a high note when it comes to music awareness.
The musicians who have been booked for Homer most all make long drives to play here. That’s quite the scenic drive to our little burg, located all the way to the end of the road on the bottom of the peninsula. These humble musicians tell us its an honor to play on Homer stages.
Just last month, good musicians, including Nellie Clay from Anchorage, Denali Cooks from Talkeetna, RnR from Anchorage, Jon Crocker from Anchor Point, Jared Woods from Spenard, and Hillary Arwen graced the Down East Saloon with her presence. Hillary was at Alice’s the night before, and if you haven’t heard her show , well, … it’s worth your time to pull yourself out the door and go listen to all the talent.
There is more music in the air coming to the Down East Saloon, but, I can’t tell you what’s planned for this coming week, I only know there’s already a good lineup for the winter, and I will try to tell you all about it, after its over.
With the world entering its new order of thinking, some folks already depressed with thoughts of it, takes some of the zest out of life … but, its your fault if you’re not there for the fun and entertainment offered in Homer that helps make us all feel better.
Maka Fairman

Who is paying attention?

One of the cogent points of the documentary film “Bully” is that situations such as bullying are often ignored or whitewashed by a school, parents and community.
Recently, a drunken Homer high school party involving the football team resulted in the gang rape of a student, and yet this incident has not been brought to responsible news coverage nor, apparently,  have there been serious consequences for the offenders. Voices from the community should cry out against such egregious behavior.
Jo Going

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4 Responses for “Letters – Sept. 26”

  1. I'm outraged! says:

    “Recently, a drunken Homer high school party involving the football team resulted in the gang rape of a student, and yet this incident has not been brought to responsible news coverage nor, apparently, have there been serious consequences for the offenders. Voices from the community should cry out against such egregious behavior.”

    I demand this paper cover this story! So now the community is protecting rapists because they are on the football team?!!

    Where is the school? Last time the basketball team was caught drinking, even the friends who were called to pick them up were held accountable.

    Where is KBBI on this?

    This is unacceptable.

    Our children are not safe here?

    Our children can expect no justice in this community?

    • Melilei says:

      I am not sure if the recent apparent suicide of Cody Devaney had anything to do with this but my heart is so saddened by his feeling that he had to commit suicide. My heart aches his family and this community. I am sickened that this event has been swept under the rug- definitely not “boys being boys” event. How can we protect this community? When will it end?

    • Anne Poso says:

      RE: Who is paying attention? I am Outraged!!!
      The incident was immediately under investigation from the HS and the HPD. Once the proper channels are navigated justice (or consequences) will be served to the responsible individual(s). The party was not inclusive to only athletes since a very diverse group of young people attended that were not limited to the football team, Homer High, Flex, or even school aged individuals. To announce the “football team” collectively as responsible is unfair and irresponsible.
      This is a serious and disturbing situation. My heart and mind is with the child that was assaulted and their family. I can’t imagine what they are experiencing. It is a painful and confusing situation for all the kids including the ones that did not contribute to this heinous act but are being judged and treated as so.

  2. Carrie says:

    I have never commented on a news article before… but I just recently heard about this myself and have been completely disgusted. Everyone that was at that party should be held accountable. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t involved in what happened. The fact that it was even allowed to happen… the blame is on all of them that were there. What is wrong with these kids that no one tried to stop what was happening? All of you people that were at this party and did nothing about this… you should be disgusted with yourselves, and I sure hope this comes to light and the ones who did it and where there can be held responsible.

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