Jackup rig is an invasive specie

By Mossy Kilcher

So this morning, I’m looking out my window, and behold, Grewingk Glacier is not to be seen! Blocking the view is a giant creature rearing up out of the water; its arms reaching to the sky, resembling a gargantuan mosquito ready to suck the blood out of Kachemak Bay.
I accidentally pick up the paper, only to read that this creature is not of U.S. origin, but an invasive species from Australia, of the “Suckaneer type.”
I call around, but can’t find out much about it, since it’s a foreign, super resilient, protest-resistant hybrid that was sneaked in by our very own state of Alaska on the promise that it will improve our way of life — despite the possible harmful side effects. Seems our local officials and legislators have known about the Suckaneer family being imported into Homer for quite some time now, but for some reason, I, who lived here all my life, just now only found out about this infestation.
Go figure.
As a voting Alaska (not to mention Homer ) citizen, I would have liked to have some say as to whether the expired oil and gas leases behind Homer should be extended, therefore enabling a foreign entity to suck it rich in our backyard.
If I had been told that the “West Eagle field” is actually code for The Very End of East End Road — (which is at the top of the Swift Creek watershed that runs into Kachemak Bay critical habitat last time I checked) — I might have written this letter sooner. But then, I just live here. Besides, everyone knows you have no say about anything going on under the ground in Alaska, even if it’s under your own living room.
If I’d been warned ahead of time, maybe I could have stopped wasting energy digging up all that yellow hawkweed that’s killing my hayfields, and spent some time trying to stop these aliens from landing.
Or maybe someone out there thinks that if we treat this creature nice, fix it up pretty, give a couple businesses in town a few day’s work giving it a facelift and makeover, then tow it up and down the Bay so we can get used to it blocking the view of the mountains, then maybe some of us might actually become desensitized to its bite and welcome the suckaneers into our environment.
If we will let it take root in the back country, does it at least mean we will all get rich from oil rig jobs, have lower fuel bills and save our nation from foreign oil dependency? Or is it all going to get exported overseas so a couple corporations can make a profit at our expense?
Just asking.
Most invasive species are only out for their own survival, and are not at all interested in yours. Thanks to our government and archaic mining laws, this species is starting its takeover way at the end of East End Road, where they hope nobody gives a heck. Next thing you know, it will be migrating into your backyard — like the hawkweed.
Is there some way we can get rid of this invasive creature, as well as its plan to contaminate our beautiful hinterlands and watersheds?
Or is it already too late ?

Mossy Kilcher is a lifetime resident of Homer and the daughter of homesteader Yule Kilcher.

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3 Responses for “Jackup rig is an invasive specie”

  1. Concerned Sourdough says:

    Thank you Mossy for recognizing a definite WRONG in our little hamlet. None of us knew we had been sold to the highest bidder (well someone in the City knew) until that heap of steel was sitting in our faces. I didn’t hear any PUBLIC comments or opinions on this nasty jack-off of our ocean community. I wonder how many of the people working on that rig will be actually be from Homer? Shame on any of you who would take a job on that critter. Doesn’t anyone care about life on this planet any more, or is the dollar God? We thought the jack off rigs were just in transit to somewhere else, that we were being nice to let them rest and clean up in our pristine harbor … that’s what they told us all last year … just cleaning it up. THEY LIED. AGAIN.

  2. solar power says:

    Thanks for this, Mossy. Well said!!! When Armstrong started drilling on the Northfork Rd. there were some of us, who spoke out about this, and we tried to warn the people in Homer, that these aliens were landing and heading your way, but nobody wanted to believe it. When they spend millions on a pipeline, they’re going to spend billions filling that pipeline, from every source possible. They slip in, while nobody’s looking, and silently take over. They do nothing but lie, and they have all the “laws” in their favor, so there’s nothing we can do, to legally stop them.

    What I think needs to happen, is that the people need to become pro-active, and start creating their own alternative energy, and their own alternative energy businesses, to help others become truly energy independent. WE need to take care of OUR energy needs, and NOT EXPECT THEM TO DO THAT!!! Don’t buy their gas, because once you do, you’ll be hooked into a system, that will raise the prices. That’s what they always do. It starts out cheap, but after you’ve purchased the new gas burning stoves, the new piping, and the new gas water heaters, etc, that’s when they raise the prices.

    Most people here, seem to support gas/oil development, because they think it means cheap fuel, and more jobs, but neither is true. I’ve only seen lonly a few locals working on the Northfork pad, and those jobs were temporary. Sure, there’s a couple of rich folks, with businesses, who got lots richer, from alliances with the gasholes, but I’m not seeing locals getting permanent jobs. So, why, why, why, would we sell out the last pristine place in this country, for the outside chance of getting a few temporary jobs, for drilling finite, non-renewable energy sources, that pollute??? That’s insanity! If you’ll start researching online, you’ll discover, that gas development (mainly fracking, which shoots hundreds of chemicals, into the subsurface rocks, to break them up, so that gas and oil are more accessible), has permanently destroyed pristine water aquifers, all across this country, and there’s no known way to clean them, once they’re ruined. Water is a finite resource, meaning once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. The gasholes are destroying tons of water aquifers daily!!! An article in the ADN said they frack a quarter of the wells here, and I wonder if that includes older wells, that have slowed down, and need a “refresh” it, by fracking it?

    I’d also like to say, that there are lots of non-Homer locals, who would love to see these guys leave. Not all Anchor Pointers are pro-gas/oil, and instead of talking about how we’re different, we need to come together, to stop this. I think we should tar and feather the frackers, and put them on a slow boat to China, with all those foreign oysters perma-glued to their butts! I’d make the drive, into town, for something like that…lol.

  3. Nina Faust says:

    Mossy, you are right on. Thank you for your insightful, yet humorous take, on a very serious issue. This combined with the onshore leases out East End Road should be a wake up call to everyone. The mess that oil and gas development is creating in the states in its frenzy to get gas out of every little crack and pore of the subsurface is leading to the pollution of drinking water in many areas. This is a precious commodity everywhere. But in Homer, we know that good drinking water is hard to find. Oil and gas drilling, especially if it involves any fracking, can put drinking water sources at risk of being polluted. Besides this, there are too many stories of broken promises to landowners. We do not have to drill everywhere.

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