Man wanted for robbing Homer man, threatening to shoot with assault-rifle

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Alaska State Troopers are asking for help finding a 51-year-old man who took another man hostage Aug. 3 and threatened him with an assault rifle while he demanded money.
Bret A. Herrick is wanted on an arrest warrant for four felony counts of third-degree assault and kidnapping, first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary and third-degree theft, according to Alaska State Trooper’s court affidavit filings.
Herrick is described as mentally unstable, involved with narcotics and in possession of several fire arms, according to the trooper’s court filing. He was last seen driving a gray 1994 Ford pickup truck.
The victim told police he was standing on the back deck of an East Skyline Drive home in the early afternoon with a female friend when Herrick drove by the house in his Ford truck and “glared at (him) as he drove by.”
A few minutes later, the victim heard the unlocked front door slam open and Herrick reportedly came through the residence to the back deck wearing a black trench coat, dark clothing and a dark bandana.
He was carrying an AR-15 with a duel drum magazine. He pointed the gun at both the man and the woman and asked if they were “Trish” or “Daryl.”
Another person in the home was awakened by the household dog, barking at the suspect, and he came out to the deck, the report said. The suspect then turned the assault rifle at him as well and threatened to shoot them if they called police.
The victim told police that Herrick asked about $250 that “Trish” was to give him. The victim offered to get money from his own ATM machine, and Herrick reportedly stated “It was not the money, but the principle.” He then allegedly pointed the gun at the victim and told him he was going with him to the bank.
The suspect pointed the gun at the victim the entire trip to Wells Fargo Bank. He threatened, “you’re the first to go if your friends called the cops.” He also allegedly said if the cops arrive, everyone was going to die.
The victim walked to the ATM machine with the suspect still holding the gun on him. After withdrawing $250, he returned to the truck, threw most of the money at the suspect, grabbed his cell phone and ducked away from the truck. The suspect then fled with about $180 cash. The victim was able to call the Homer Police, at about 2 p.m., and they began an immediate investigation with the Alaska State Troopers.
The troopers reported “Herrick is a danger to the community for the fact he has access to multiple firearms with a large capacity magazines and carries firearms on his person. Herrick had little concern for the safety of others and has the capability to conducting the same unpredictable behavior towards anyone,” the trooper report stated. “It was also revealed by a confidential source Herrick has a firearm or some sort of weapon on his person at all times. Herrick is mentally unstable and is involved with narcotics.”
Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Alaska State Troopers at 235-8239, the Homer police at 235-3150.

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