Endeavor jackup arrives in Kachemak Bay

Tribune staff
The Buccaneer Energy jackup rig arrived in Kachemak Bay this afternoon, Friday, and will remain here through Aug. 31 to have work done preparing the rig for work in Cook Inlet.
The Endeavor jackup rig’s legs are 410 feet, or as high as a 28-story building and will be a noticeable presence in the bay.

The Endeavor jackup rig, when legs are extended for transport, is the equivalent of a 28-story building.

City Manager Walt Wrede was notified that the Endeavor would need moorage for six days while plumbing and electrical work is being completed on it. It will be moored to the Deep Water Dock.
“It will be riding in on a large transport ship and then floated in the bay. The rig, when floated will essentially be a barge,” Wrede said. “It will be on top of a big transport vessel, then on Saturday morning, they will float it. It will be interesting to watch. What they do is the transport vessel sinks, and all you see is the wheelhouse. Then three tugs will pull the drill rig off the transport vessel.”
At the Deep Water Dock, Buccaneer will do retrofitting, electrical and plumbing work to get it ready for drilling.
“This will mean work for the marine trades folks. Then they will tow it to Cook Inlet to its first drilling site,” Wrede said.
The City of Homer’s harbor enterprise fund will be paid moorage fees and tariffs for crossing the dock. Best of all, Wrede said, marine trades businesses will get the work.
On Monday night, at the Homer City Council meeting, Buccaneer officials will talk about their operations at the meeting, which starts at 6 p.m., at Homer City Hall and the public is encouraged to attend.
Buccaneer has plans to drill for gas or oil off East End Road before the end of September. Officials from Buccaneer had not yet returned calls from the Homer Tribune to answer questions about that project. According to Buccaneer’s website, there will be two wells drilled for oil and gas on a 500-acre parcel that is six miles west from the gas pipeline now operating off North Fork Road. A map shows it as quite a distance from East End Road, inland.
Rep. Paul Seaton said Buccaneer’s plans on East End Road had not been broadly shared, and only now the company is in the process of sending out letters notifying home owners.
“Buccaneer needs to make sure all the players are at the table, and that they are being responsive to the public because if it’s not known by the public, if there’s unanswered questions, it’s interpreted badly,” Seaton said.
That project is entirely separate from the jackup rig’s work in Cook Inlet.
Residents along Cook Inlet are accustomed to seeing oil or gas drilling rigs mounted on platforms that are stationary. A jackup rig is moveable. The Endeavor can go into water depths of 300 feet and drill thousands of feet into the substrata.
“The main purpose of the jack up rig is to create a stable platform for the exploratory work, and then move it,” said Richard Loomis, a spokesman for Buccaneer. “Later, they can put in a platform to produce a well.”
The Endeavor is about two and half times the size of the Spartan 150 jackup rig being worked by Escopeda Oil and Gas.

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