Police Report – July 4

Kachemak Emergency Services responded to three fire calls during the week of June 25 to July 1.
A caller reported hitting a hidden grate, causing damage to a rented motor home on Spit Road and Freight Dock Road.
A man delivered a backpack and assorted contents found 100 yards off of a trail on Spruce View and Wright Street.
A caller reported a found wallet at the Harbor Masters Office.
Safeway reported people involved in prior theft have returned to the store.
A caller reported someone had gone through vehicles on East Fairview Avenue during the night again. Glove boxes were opened, but nothing was taken.
A woman reported a dispute with her boyfriend over a puppy. The breeder reported that the dog was unpaid for and wants it returned.
An officer assisted the Homer Volunteer Fire Department on a multi-unit fire on Landings Street.
A 911 caller reported a road rage incident and is in fear in the Safeway parking lot.
A caller reported a driver with an unsecured child in the back seat on Lake Street and Ben Walters Lane.
A caller requested a welfare check on a man lying in the bushes on the Spit Road.
Officers assist Homer Volunteer Fire Department with locating a missing item on Landings Street.
An officer attempted to locate a person for the Kenai Adult Probation’s on Early Spring Street.
A caller reported a rock was thrown through a window at a local business on east Pioneer Avenue.
A Homer property manager reported a woman had broken a propane pipe by having her dog tied to it.
A caller stated someone had stolen his knife from his camper three weeks ago.
A 911 caller reported a man sitting in his vehicle may be having suicidal thoughts on East End Road.
A caller reported a lost wallet.
A woman presented herself at the counter and reported a hit and tun after the fact.
A caller reported a lost dog on Spit Road.
A woman presented herself at the counter and reported a lost credit card on the Bypass.
A caller reported a concern that two ex employees recently terminated may try to seek retaliation.
A caller requested an officer to residence to check on husband with dementia on Bayview Ave.
A man reported a black backpack was taken from his vehicle on W. Fairview Ave.
A caller reported a deceased dog on the beach on Beluga Place.
A caller reported an unconscious adult woman near a local business on East End Road.
A caller reported finding a small amount of cash outside a local business on the Bypass.
A caller reported observing a small pick-up back into a skiff in a parking lot and leave the scene on the Bypass.
A local business notified the Homer Police Department of report of firework use on the spit.
A caller reported a possible missing person. Homer Police Department determined the person is incarcerated at Wildwood Correctional Facility.
A victim approached the counter and reported a dog bite on Bartlett St.

A caller reported hearing gun shots near the Reservoir on Crossman Ridge Rd.

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