Police Report – July 18

Kachemak Emergency Services responded to one fire call and one emergency medical call during the week of July 9-15.

Homer Volunteer Fire Department responded to 12 emergency medical calls and two fire calls. 2 CO alarm checks and 1 rescue for the week of July 9- 16.

A caller reported a vehicle driven up on possible private property at Airport Beach high centered and abandoned.
A man reported theft of Food Pantry donations from the USPS on Heath Street.
A man reported a person hitting his camping trailer causing damage on Spit Road.
Multiple 911 callers reported a plane crash on Beluga Lake.
A caller reported an RV and vehicle broken into and a purse stolen on Spit Rd.
An officer contacted a man camping in an unauthorized area on Compass Drive.
A caller reported a person handling a dog in a rough manner on Lake Street.
A person reported a lost wallet outside of a local business on Spit Road.
A caller reported an intoxicated man on the roadside holding onto a sign to stand up on Hazel and Heath Heath Street.
A caller reported her daughter might be a witness to a crime.
A caller reported an assault after the fact.
South Peninsula Hospital reported two puppies found wandering in the hospital.
A caller reported a man acting strangely in a local medical office on Bartlett Street.
A caller reported theft of electronics after the fact.
A caller reported an unattended campfire on Grubstake Avenue.
A caller reported a hit and run after the fact.
A caller reported a possible broken fire hydrant on Spit Road.
A person turned in a wallet found on the shoulder of Homer Spit Road.
A local business reported theft on Lake Street.
A caller reported a hit and run on a pedestrian on Greatland Street.
A caller reported intoxicated campers continuing to be loud and disturbing the peace on Spit Road.
A 911 caller reported an orange flare near several boats west of the Homer Spit.
A 911 caller reported a black bear digging through trash near her residence.
A 911 caller reported a man entering peoples’ tents on Spit Road.
An anonymous woman reported the possible location of a wanted man.
A caller reported a missing purse.

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