Our news cycles

Every now and then, a new cycle of activity or troubling matters strike towns. At times, the events are tragic beyond comprehension.
Our hearts grieve for the families of those killed by a crazed gunman while attending, of all things, a Batman movie in Denver last week.
In Homer, we get accustomed to not having the kind of news that shakes other towns; not the many shootings in Anchorage or the waves of crime that always seem to occur in Wasilla.
Sleepy Homer can be likened to a college campus on most days. When we put out the newspaper, the stories are more likely to be about an award one of the town’s many achievers won, or the controversy over a new sign ordinance.
When the fight gets hard here, it’s about getting a gasline built when our governor didn’t initially want it. Or whether the sea otter population is as high as it seems.
Lately, though, the stories are on another cycle. We’ve had a man murdered at Anchor Point, the tragic Beluga Lake plane crash, a shootout on the highway.
We’ve had a young woman nearly run over while jogging on the Homer Spit as a reckless driver evaded police.
On Friday, when Alaska State Troopers closed down the Seward Highway just south of Anchorage, a carjacking/kidnapping suspect was thought to be headed our way.
Does this sound like our cosmic hamlet?
There’s a bumper sticker seen around town that says, “Please, keep Homer weird.”
The expression is a reminder that Homer is quirky and “different” in a tone of peace and tranquility — and letting people have their idiosyncrasies. At least, that’s how we view a pervasive attitude.
But take heart. When too many of these more tragic events strike, it really is a case of “that’s life.” Don’t take offense. No town gets to be completely protected from the slings and arrows of misfortune. Though we can yearn.
It would be good to get back to normal here, arguing over sandwich board signs or learning something new about sea weed. Let other towns debate what to do with their crime waves – we would rather not have one.
But as the saying goes, into each life the rain must fall. In the meantime, be careful out there.

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1 Response for “Our news cycles”

  1. wake up says:

    Normal is news about nothing?

    Instead of discussing sandwich boards and stupid stuff…why doesn’t this newspaper do it’s damn job?

    The city council is charging the highest sales tax in the state, fixing up City Hall, new furniture worth $100,000 meanwhile the toilets are not even functioning on the spit where so much of our economy relies on tourists dollars.

    City Council has plenty of money for what they want, but the boys and girls club/community schools building needs fixing…forget about it.

    Then look at what is being done to set-netters by the fish and game! Read your own letters to the editor and do a better job for GOD’s sake. There is so much going on in this state, from Sean Parnell attempting to rip us off, fix elections and give our money to his ‘former’ employers to our local elections… where is the coverage of Faulkner’s history?

    Just presenting and pushing the agenda of our silly city council and happy congratulatory articles about how awesome Homer is…. is not really doing your job!

    There are a lot of things going on in the country, turn of the corporate news and start doing some investigative reporting.

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