Letters – July 18

Chamber supports broad distribution of gas

The build out of the Homer-area natural gas pipeline distribution system should be a city wide effort, and it will be discussed at the next city council meeting, July 23.
Unless the City of Homer takes a lead in a Local Improvement District to initiate the gas pipeline build-out process, it will be more expensive for individuals, and take a lot longer to benefit Homer.
The easiest way for property owners to afford the benefits of the natural gas pipeline, is if they share the cost as a group rather than paying individually.  An LID makes large-scale financing available to the general public in getting gas to the streets in front of their homes and businesses. The average savings with natural gas sits right at 60 percent.  The average Homer household with the LID, and conversion of all household appliances, will see the savings in three years.
The economic fine point of this call to action is that without natural gas, Homer’s economy stands at a disadvantage to other Kenai Peninsula communities. It remains difficult to attract year-round residents and businesses because of the cost of utilities.
For more information about the LID process and what it will take to get natural gas in front of your home or business, please refer to the City of Homer’s website.  There is also more information regarding LID’s through the State of Alaska’s Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development LID info.
Most importantly, the Homer City Council’s decision will be directly related to the level of support they receive from the general public. Share your voice at the City Council meetings, town hall meetings and help provide educated information to other people in the community.  The process will take the City up to six months. Familiarize yourself with this issue and become part of the solution bringing natural gas to Homer.
Monte Davis, executive director,
Homer Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center


Speak out for Postal Service

The post box near the Grog Shop is gone because the U.S. Postal Service is under the gun to cut costs. If you listen to the national media, you might think the Postal Service is a bloated government agency, hemorrhaging money and unable to compete with private enterprise. 
But in 2006, the Bush White House and Congress whacked the Postal Service with the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, which requires the agency to pre-pay health care benefits not only for current employees, but also for all employees who’ll retire during the next 75 years. That includes employees not yet born.  This ensures Postal Service spending will exceed annual revenues, causing a perpetual and rapidly increasing Postal Service deficit. 
I fully support health care benefits for all, but no other agency or corporation on the planet has to pre-pay benefits 75 years out. And, this ridiculous law demands the postal service fully fund this burden by 2016.
Since 1971, the Postal Service has not taken a dime from taxpayers.  While Congress and various corporations complain the postal service has lost billions during the past four years, it actually produced a $700 million operational profit – if you subtract the egregious pre-payments mandated by the 2006 law.
I like our mail service. It’s reliable, it’s affordable and it creates good jobs in our community. Congress is currently debating new postal service legislation. If you think the lines at the post office are too long, or you like Saturday delivery, contact our congressional delegation to let them know our Postal Service should be strengthened, not destroyed.
Bob Shavelson

Horsing around

Kachemak Bay Equestrian Association would like to thank everyone who made our Fun Show on July 14 such a success. Fun was had by all, riders and spectators alike. We’d like to thank Kachemak Construction, The Kachemak Gear Shed, The Saltry, East Road Services, Bay Realty, INUA, The Far Out Cafe, Northwind Gifts, Sue Robinson, the Mastoliers, Crandalls, Birkheimers, Eisenbergs, Abrahamsons, Robert and Roberta, Tim Quinn and Sue Robinson for generously sponsoring our classes; Katie Matthews and Lindsey Blaine for their demos and help and all the others too many to name that made it possible.
Thanks to everyone for supporting the Cottonwood Horse Park.
Chris Day, KBEA

Thankful for the supportive community

There are no words to express how thankful we are to all the men and women who responded to the Landings Condo fire. Homer Volunteer Fire Department and Kachemak Emergency Services arrived on the scene and limited the damage to less than half the building. The many hours volunteered to train and fight fires is invaluable to our community. 
We have often said we cannot imagine living anywhere else.  That is because the people are just as special as the view. Kasi’s work family at the Kachemak Gear Shed, our church family at Faith Lutheran and our friends and family have been so kind and supportive. 
Homer is a great place to live.
Mike and Karen DeVaney
Kasi and Eddie Uwekoolani

Seldovia Fourth another great event

We want to send a big thank you to the Seldovia Volunteer Fire Department, and all its staff and other folks who volunteered to put on a big pancake breakfast on the Fourth of July.
They even stayed to serve hot dogs. This helped the Tidepool Restaurant, the Linwood Bar and the Sea Parrot Ice Cream shop serve all the people who came to celebrate with us.
There was only one food booth, which was good, but we usually have more. The Mad Fish did not open this year due to family illness. We missed them, but all the other businesses did a fine job.
Again, many thanks to the Hallers and all the Fire Department volunteers and helpers. DeeDee Higman, once again, did a great job or organizing a fun July Fourth.
Dick and Jan Wyland

Generous support given for education

I would like to thank the American Legion Unit 16, the Homer Elks Club Lodge No. 2127, and the Kachemak Board of Realtors for their generous scholarships towards my further education at Southern Oregon University.
I appreciate the support of these organizations, and feel very fortunate to have grown up in such a supportive community. It was impressive to see so many of my classmates receive support as well.
I plan to study business at Southern Oregon University, and give back to the community at some point in the future.
Matthew Jasper

Running for fun and a violence-free future

The Haven House Fun Run was a success thanks to the support of the community and the Homer Running Club. Save-U-More and Safeway donated the snacks and water. Chris designed the flier, Vianne shared face painting, Paula worked the water station, Terry registered and cleaned up, Sue registered and cheered all on at the finish line and Don just did everything I asked.
A fun time was had by all. Thanks runners, walkers and dogs. Hope to see you all next year.
Sherry Stead
Haven House board member

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