‘Suicide mission’ spurs shootout

• Investigation alleges woman was distraught, suicidal
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The woman involved in a shootout with Alaska State Troopers was identified Friday as Tonee M. Walker, 59, of Anchor Point.
She is facing charges for one count of attempted murder in the first degree, four counts of assault in the third degree and one count of reckless driving. Walker was arrested following her release from the hospital, where she was treated for gunshot wounds, and transported to the jail in Anchorage.
Charging documents state that Walker vowed to “go out in a blaze,” as evidenced in a suicide note found in her vehicle. Beer bottles were also in the vehicle, and strong indication that Walker had been drinking while she drove.
Investigator Mark Pearson stated that he was called to the Happy Valley area at 4:30 p.m. when he was advised of a trooper-involved shooting. The suspect’s vehicle, a yellow Nissan, was called in as a Report Every Dangerous Driver or REDDI alert.
One couple’s vehicle was rear ended by the Nissan as they were traveling in the northbound lane by Mile Post 153. That driver had to move onto the shoulder as the vehicle sped away.
Another 911 caller told dispatchers the same vehicle turned around in front of him and then proceeded to travel southbound in the northbound lane, causing him and other vehicles following behind him to pull off the road as far as they could get to avoid being hit.
“Other reports came into 911 reporting the driver of the vehicle was driving aggressively and erratically in their lane, while traveling northbound. It was reported the driver was the sole occupant, (she) shot at vehicles while she drove by them, and at Trooper Chwialkowski’s patrol vehicle,” Pearson wrote.
Walker fired twice at the trooper’s car using a .44 caliber pistol from inside her vehicle. One bullet struck her own car and a second hit the driver’s side of the patrol car.
“Trooper Chwialkowski bailed out of his vehicle, in fear of being shot while inside his vehicle, and returned fire on Tonee in the arm and torso,” the report states. Tonee remained in the vehicle and refused to immediately comply with commands to exit the vehicle.
When she did comply, Troopers found cans and a case of beer on the passenger seat.
“It was Tonee’s intention to be killed as additional information left inside the vehicle on a note written by Tonee stated that she wanted to go out in a blaze.”
When interviewed in the hospital, Walker told investigators that she was depressed following the loss of numerous family members. She planned to commit suicide or have a trooper do it if she couldn’t. She reportedly told them she did not remember shooting at the trooper.
The trooper involved in the shooting, Trent Chwialkowski, was placed on administrative leave for three days. He has been a trooper since 2008.

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