What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?

What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?
Yesterday evening, I was in my vehicle in the Homer grocery parking lot. I was approached by an earnest young man who said he was representing his church and was asking for donations for something. 
About half the time I’ll support something like this, but I’m looking for work and just didn’t feel like donating, nor honestly, being solicited to donate.  Can’t they hold a car wash or rummage sale, something where they’re not asking for donations? 
When I said “No, not interested,” he then opened a box he was carrying to show me knick knacks I could purchase. Again, I said “not interested,” and he finally gave up. 
Not too long passed before a different young man approached my vehicle with the same spiel. I felt pretty annoyed at being solicited again, and said — in not the nicest tone — “Enough! Quit bothering people!”
In the future, ask the store if you can set up a table perhaps, then those seeing the table can choose whether or not to inquire further. This approaching strangers in a store parking lot is unwelcome and not what I tend to think a church should be supporting. 
 Mel Holden

Senior parking lot paving brings joy
With great joy, the Anchor Point Senior Center wishes to announce that the much-needed parking lot paving project has been funded with an Alaska State Capital Improvement Grant.
With special efforts from the Senior Centers Board of Directors, the membership and the entire Anchor Point community, this project will now move forward. A huge thank you must go out to Rep. Paul Seaton, Sen. Gary Stevens, Sen. Thomas Wagoner and Gov. Sean Parnell for their forward-looking vision as to the total community value of this completed improvement. With thanks to All!
Ole Olsgard, president
Anchor Point Senior Center

Donation helps ‘Big’ recruitment campaign
A huge thank you to the David and Mary Schroer Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of the Homer Foundation, for their donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Because of their generosity, we have been able to continue our media campaign to recruit more Big Brothers and Big Sisters for the children who are patiently waiting for a Big.
Susan Kirn , community director
Big Brothers Big Sisters

Thanks for the scholarships appreciation
I would like to thank a few organizations that have awarded scholarships this year.
Both the Kachemak Bay Lions and the Homer Emblem Club No. 350 donated a $1,000 scholarship. These two organizations are service-based, so I really appreciate all they have done to support me — as well as the prospective college-bound young adults like me.
I will use the money to attend the University of Alaska Fairbanks and major in Geological Engineering. Thanks again.
Kyle Wentz

HoPP success belongs to all helpers
We know that a lot of us have been riding the crest of the wave from the Homer Playground Project’s huge accomplishments last week (and busy playing at the new playground). But, as we come down from that, and the wave dissipates, we wanted to send a shout out of thanks to those who made the food portion of the project a reality. These are folks who were not able to be up at the park, but were immensely helpful and crucial to it running smoothly. Susie at Petro Express (for the
advice and the ice), the Grog Shop, Coca-Cola and Bills Distributing (for bottled water deliveries), Cups, Wasabi’s, Full Circle Farms, Country Foods, Peterkin for raw veggies, fruits and drinks. Safeway, State Farm and Loopy Lupine who outfitted us with paper products for the entire week. The Elks Club for use of their kitchen the week before Build week. South Peninsula Hospital, Glacierview Baptist Church and the families from Voznesenka went above and beyond – thank you, thank you, thank you! The Lions Club…your hot dogs fed half of Homer. Truthfully, the list goes on and on and if you want to know who else contributed, drive through town (and outlying areas) and look around, because every food and coffee establishment in this town is on the list. This does not even scrape the surface because there are meatball ladies, salad goddesses, bread providers and cookie connoisseurs who just showed up and fed those hungry volunteers. This playground was built by some dedicated volunteers and thanks to all of you “foodies” they were happy, well fed, and often came back for another shift. This playground’s roots run deep and we really think without everyone stepping forward and saying “yes,” it would not have been done. Thank you.
Kate Crowley
Corina Hancock
HoPP food coordinators

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