Scalzi fund keeps giving

Scalzi fund keeps giving
I would like to express my appreciation to the Drew Scalzi Memorial Maritime Scholarship Fund at the Homer Foundation. I will be using this scholarship to attend AVTEC to study industrial electricity this fall. I feel very lucky to have received this scholarship, and plan to pursue my studies at AVTEC and then look for employment opportunities in my field after I complete my studies.
I also want to express my gratitude that this scholarship and the Homer Foundation exists in Homer and supports young people such as myself with their education goals. I am proud to be a part of such a caring community.
Shlomo Gherman

Where is the tax integrity?
The U.S. Department of Interior published a worldwide comparative analysis of taxes on oil profits. (Profits: Distributable cash remaining after production and shipping costs are paid.)
It placed Louisiana’s tax at 85 percent; Federal waters off Louisiana, 79 percent; Texas and Alaska, 76 percent.
Gov. Parnell told the Alaska Oil and Gas Association’s “Make Alaska Competitive luncheon,” that “Alaska’s tax equated 72 percent.” Common Wealth North published 73 percent. AOGA parrots Interior at 76 percent. Mexico’s government publications show a tax equivalent of 94 percent.
However, AOGA falsely advertises that Alaska’s oil tax is the highest in North America? Parnell’s Deputy Commissioner of Revenue told our senators the same. Rep. Mike Hawker said it in the Anchorage Daily News. Their continual repeat of this false claim is the basis for their argument that Alaska is “uncompetitive.” It’s their rationale for diverting 30 years worth of future PFD’s into the pockets of the oil company share holders that fund their campaigns.
Months ago, I delivered proof of Mexico’s 94 percent tax to Parnell’s Commissioner, Hawker, and AOGA. No response, no corrections. Where is the integrity?
 Ray Metcalfe

Thank you, folks
Our greenhouse is closed — and not just until next season. We are retiring.
It’s been a pleasure seeing all the smiling faces come through our doors. We have heard happy statements such as, “It smells so good in here, the colors are so glorious, you must love doing this, etc.”
It is a happy occupation, helping folks with their gardening. We have enjoyed it, but the work load is getting to be too much for us. We love to garden, and now is our time to grow just for ourselves. We will putter around our place, take a nap when we feel the need and keep gardening until we drop.
Thank you so much for making our business a success. We have been doing this for 30 years, and it’s time to retire.
John and Johnny Reid

Pratt internship invaluable
On behalf of the board, staff and volunteers of the Pratt Museum, thank you to the Dave and Mary Schroer and KLEPS Fund, two donor-advised funds of the Homer Foundation, for grants to support our High School intern program.
This support of the museum and its education program helps underwrite the costs of hiring three full-time interns for the summer. This funding will also help provide rigorous interpretive training, and interns will work closely with museum staff to develop their own academic and personal skills.
Financial investment in the Pratt’s High School Internship Program provides unparalleled opportunities to these young adult interns.
Diane Converse
Museum director/CEO

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