Letters – June 20

Time Bank helps church, food pantry

St. Augustines’ Episcopal Church would like to thank Laura Brooks and the AHA Time Bank members, PJ, Adam, Annie, Lia, Lynne and Paul for their kind help June 9 with the garden. We were able to move new dirt into beds, build and line berry boxes, shift dirt from and re-line existing raised beds, establish pathways and plant seedlings. The Time Bank also contributed a hearty luncheon for everyone.
Together, we are a great example of the Time Bank’s mission statement: “Matching unmet needs with untapped resources.” It was wonderful meeting everyone and participating in this community effort.
Marcia, we appreciated your plant donations. Thank you also to Titus, Eric, Greg, Joyce, Jim and Nell for all their efforts on Saturday.
Cathy Knott and Deborah Lee Townsend
St. Augustines’ Garden committee

Scholarship fosters nursing education

As a graduate of the Connections Homeschool Program of 2012, I would like to express my appreciation for a scholarship from the Homer Foundation.
Because of their generous giving, this scholarship will further my nursing education at Kachemak Bay Campus beginning this fall. I am honored to receive this award and am grateful for the generosity of the Homer Foundation and its donators.
Jenna Kropf

Dear Friends of Karen Hornaday Park,

Again, a great big thank you to each of you who helped with the new playground at Karen Hornaday Park.
At the new Playground, there were three play components that were not installed in time for the grand opening – the track ride (aka zip-line), adaptive swing, and bouncy frog (in tot lot). Rest assured, they will all be installed.
Also, some of you may have missed a few things. The spin toy, digger (in tot lot) and marimba are all under repair, and will return better able to withstand enthusiastic use.
I’d like to publicly thank each parent, child, community member, and business owner who has come up to me with concerns about the new park (including playground, ball fields, campground, day use/barbecue area, parking, road, security, potential vandalism). Each of your concerns is a testament to the essence of a community built playground.
A fair amount of concern has been expressed about vandalism. Let it be known that there is very little to report. Upon a walk-through the day after build, we found a piece of the Little Village (in tot lot) was pulled off. It appeared to be an accidental break, as the missing piece (a peace sign) was tucked neatly beside the structure. The other disturbance at the new playground was that “Adam” and “Kim” decided that the twisty slide was theirs by carving their names inside of it. If you know them, let them know that Bob and Pam Brant personally sponsored that piece of equipment (to the tune of $3,000) for their two darling grand-daughters. It also took many hands to get it into place.
If you have not noticed, take a walk through the playground seeking out the sponsor plaque for each piece of equipment. Then, go thank your friend, neighbor or local business owner for sponsoring all those great toys.
Even in the afterglow of Build Week, there is ongoing work to be done. Watch for a “work day” this fall. Also know that HoPP has committed to adopting the playground at Karen Hornaday Park for the first year. We aim for another sponsor next year, and an annual Park work-day each year in order to maintain the wonderful improvements that you all have made.
See you at the Park.
Deb Cox

Growing effort

The Martindell “People’s” Garden is established and growing thanks to many in the community. A grant to establish the garden was provided by USDA-NIFA through the Homer Soil and Water Conservation District. Boy Scout Troop 555 did a fabulous job charcoaling the posts to protect them from rot, and Bay Crest Greenhouse donated many vegetable starts for the kids to plant.
Thank you to the members of Homer United Methodist for supporting the project and helping to install the fence. And a big thanks to all the kids who are serving by tending the garden on Sundays. The produce will be harvested by the kids in the fall and distributed by the Food Pantry which has also supported this project from the beginning.
Thanks for a group effort well done.
Karin Sonnen

Scholarship winner appreciates Homer

I would like to express my appreciation for being awarded the Homer Community Science Scholarship. This scholarship is testament to the wonderful community we live in and the continued support young adults receive to pursue our interest. 
I would also like to thank the Homer Foundation for administering this scholarship.  I am amazed at the level of support the graduating class received and am inspired to one day reciprocate this generosity. 
I will be headed to college in the fall to study environmental science and hope to return to Alaska and work within this field.
Marie Schmidt

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