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Kachemak Emergency Services responded to two medical emergencies during the week of June 10.

• A caller reported a moose calf with a bleeding, ripped ear. Mother moose was in distress on Hillfair Court.
• A caller reported a dog killed her rabbits on East End Road.
• A person reported he lost his wallet.
• A caller reported someone drove across her lawn causing damage to her grass on Bayview Ave.
• An out-of-town caller requested to speak to an officer regarding property and missing guns. Caller was worried about his guns being in the wrong hands.

• A 911 caller reported theft of a vehicle on East End Road.
• A man reported theft of a lawnmower from his yard on Larkspur Court. He later called to report it found.
• A caller reported an individual fleeing the scene of a vehicle in the ditch on Danview.

• A caller reported theft of a wallet.
• A caller reported theft from a cash box on Pioneer.
• A caller reported a man in a parking lot behaving oddly.
• Haven House reported a person needing to turn in a found weapon on Lake St.
• A caller reported threats from a family member.
• A woman presented at the counter to report theft of a bicycle.
• A caller reported a black bear on the Sterling Highway.

• A caller reported an aggressive dog on Spit Road.
• The Office of Children’s Services forwarded a report of harm to a child.
• A local business reported a woman staying on the property without permission and will not leave on FAA Road.

• Following a noise complaint, officers responded to Skagit Circle to advise homeowner to keep the noise down.
• A caller reported theft of medication from a residence on Mariner Drive.
• A woman dialed 911 and reported another woman threatening her with an axe on Tamara Street. The second woman was arrested and transported to SPH with superficial wounds.

• A caller reported an aggressive moose on Main Street.
• A person was cited for an ongoing problem with a pet on Soundview Ave.
• A caller reported excessive noise in a campground.
• A caller reported finding a money bag in a parking lot on E. Pioneer Ave.

A caller reported two men sneaking around a building on Bartlett.


• Michael G. Vancleve, 52, driving under the influence and refusal to submit to a chemical test.
• Kevin L. Fowler, 41, driving with license cancelled, suspended or revoked.
• Ryan D. Jordan, 35, driving under the influence and refusal to submit to a chemical test.
• Howard P. Jackson, 42, building a fire without clearing the ground, resulting in an emergency response to a 0.9-acre wildfire.
• Jackson D. Miles, 39, violating of conditions of release.
• Marshall Parke, 34, misconduct involving a controlled substance in the fifth degree.
• Tiffany L. Barnard, 23, misconduct involving a controlled substance in the fifth degree.
• Karl L. Thiele, 39, violating conditions of release.

• Capital One Bank vs. Kaylyn M. Scovell- Debt
• David S. Waddell vs. Nora C. Waddell- dissolution with children.
• Lary G. Albertson vs. Linda L. Weeks- dissolution without children.
• Ninilchik Natives Association vs. Debra L. Oskolkoff- declaratory judgment.
• Frederick I. Kaatz vs. Diane Workman- small claims more than $2500.
• Kenai Peninsula Borough Municipal Corporation vs. Jodi L. Evers- small claims more than $2,500.

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