Police – May 2

Homer Volunteer Fire Department responded to 11 EMS and 1 fire call for the week of April 25-29, 2012.

• A man presented at the counter and reported an unknown man yelling obscenities at him on E. Fairview Avenue trail.
• A caller on Miller Lane reported a scam call regarding Microsoft viruses.
• A man presented at the counter to say a friend who borrowed fishing gear hasn’t returned it.
• A woman reported harassment by a group of teens near her residence.
• A caller reported a loose pitbull fighting with his leashed dog on E. Fairview Avenue.
• A caller reported a vehicle was stolen on Ocean Drive.

• Multiple 911 calls reported a moose had fallen through the ice at Beluga Lake.
• A caller reported finding drug paraphernalia in bushes near a building.
• A caller reported small children left unattended in a vehicle outside a local business.
• A caller reported an intoxicated person causing a disturbance to neighbors on Main Street.
• A caller reported two juveniles threatening and harassing her and her husband.
• A man presented at the counter and reported a motor vehicle accident involving a moose.

• A man reported his vehicle stolen.
• A caller reported a wallet stolen from residence on Ternview Place.
• A caller reported a suspicious email in response to an online classifieds ad.
• A caller reported teenagers dragging an unconscious man into the woods near a local business on Sterling Highway.
• An anonymous caller reported a dog attacking a moose on Jennifer Place.

• A caller reported an unresponsive woman in residence on Kachemak Drive.
• A caller reported theft of a flag on Sterling Highway and Forest Glen.
• A caller reported people driving erratically on the beach and vandalizing a business sign.
• A local bank reported counterfeit money.
• A caller reported vandalism to her residence.
• A caller reported three vehicles speeding through a parking lot on E. Pioneer Ave.
• An anonymous caller reported a fight on the beach.
• A caller reported several dogs appearing to be in distress at a trailer parked at Mariner Park.
• An officer arrests two people on outstanding arrests for drug sales on April 25.
• An officer arrests a man on outstanding warrant for sex abuse of a minor on April 26.
• A passerby reported an intoxicated man jumping into traffic while hitchhiking.
• A caller reported someone attempting to access credit card information of patrons.
• A person brought in a credit card found in the High School parking lot.

• A caller reported a possible water main break on S. Larkspur Circle.
• A caller reported an expected death on Race Road.
• An anonymous caller reported a customer entered a local business and made a threatening statement.
• A caller reported a possible break in at a lift station.

• A caller reported a man pulling logs around the beach with a vehicle.
• A man presented himself at the counter to report theft from a vehicle.
• A caller reported a lost gun after the fact.
• A caller reported a possible domestic issue.

• A caller reported a vehicle stored at her house is missing on Kachemak Drive
• A caller reported a dog possibly hit in the road.
• A caller reported an injured moose in the roadway on East End Road and Thompson Drive.

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