Police – May 16

Kachemak Emergency Services responded to three medical emergency calls during the week of May 7-13.

A caller reported a possible violation of city signage ordinance.
Individuals presented at the counter to advise they will conduct a political demonstration on public property.
A person reported twice that demonstrators’ signs were blocking view of the roadway.
A caller reported finding newspaper dispensers on property.
A caller requested a welfare check on a kite surfer.
A caller reported an unknown person taking pictures of property.
A caller reported a man unconscious in a parking lot.
A caller reported hearing loud shots and an explosion in the area of Crossman Ridge Road.
An officer attempted a traffic stop, but the man fled on foot. Police were unable to locate the driver.
A 911 caller reported a man attempting to break into a vehicle on Grubstake.

A caller reported a vehicle on Fairview with its window smashed.
A man presented at the counter to report a broken window at Homer High School.
A caller reported observing a group of people possibly drinking near a local business.
A caller reported possible theft from vehicles on East End Road.
A 911 caller reported an unresponsive man lying in the parking lot of a local bar.
An officer contacted three intoxicated men and advised them to stay away from bars and liquor stores for the rest of the night.

A man presented at the counter to report a hit and run.
A caller reported an intoxicated man stumbling into the roadway on the Homer Spit.
An anonymous caller reported a loose German shepherd.
A woman reported someone trying to sell her drugs on Bishops Beach.
A bartender requested a welfare check on an intoxicated man who left on foot.
A man reported damage to his vehicle on Spit Road.
A caller reported a man saying he hears voices in his head and doesn’t feel safe.
A man presented at the counter to report a stray dog.

A complainant reported an after-the-fact encounter on Beluga Slough with a man carrying an assault rifle.
A caller reported someone staying at her residence on Grubstake Avenue and refusing to leave.
A woman came to the counter to report check fraud.
A caller reported a girl running around a bar, spraying hot sauce on patrons.
An intoxicated man reported his friend’s car stolen from behind the fish factory.

A caller reported an intoxicated man passed out on the beach.
A complainant reported a suspicious red van with men wanting to chase moose.

A complainant came to the counter that a tire was stolen off his bike, that was chained to a bench overnight on E. Pioneer Avenue.

A caller reported mail in roadway on West Hill/ Alpine way.
A person reported theft of a trailer around the Homer area.
A caller reported a fraudulent use of a credit card on Katie Jean Circle.
A caller reported an aggressive dog on West Fairview.
A person reported letters from a portable sign missing on E. Pioneer Avenue.
An officer conducts welfare check of construction workers at roadside work site.
A caller reported theft caught on video after the fact on Lake Street.
A caller reported a found cell phone on roadway.
A person turns in a cell phone found near the water storage tanks area on W. Skyline Drive.
A caller reported drug use inside a vehicle on Kachemak Drive Mile 3.

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