Letters – May 16

YAC grows ‘Big’ activities

Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to thank the Homer Foundations’ Youth Advisory Committee and the Ashley J. Logan and Sheldon Youth-to-Youth funds for awarding our program an activity grant. These funds will be used by our Bigs and Littles to attend activities such as outdoor programs, sports and art classes that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.  Thank you, YAC for Starting Something Big and supporting mentoring in our community.
Jenny Martin
Big Brothers Big Sisters

Check index to check oil facts

The Alaska Oil and Gas Association has been running ads stating “Alaska has the highest oil tax in North America.” As seen in an Index to Oil Taxes Around the World, Texas and Alaska are tied for fourth and fifth place among North American oil tax regimes.
AOGA’s statement is false, and they know it, but they’re seldom confronted – so they do it anyway.
According to the U.S. Department of Interior, the worldwide average tax on a barrel of oil is $79 and Alaska’s oil tax is 3 percent below the international average. (For conformation, google: “Average Government Take, PI, and IRR Indicator” and view pages 60 and 62 of the government report.) BP produces Iraq’s largest oil field and Iraq pays BP less than $2 per barrel for the service. BP, Exxon and Conoco report making 10 times as much profit for producing Alaska’s oil and they complain.
Why would any Alaskan believe an industry that has been repeatedly caught lying about oil taxes and repeatedly caught bribing legislators to lower them? Ten years ago, there were over a million barrels per day coming through the pipeline but, because Alaska’s tax on oil was a tiny fraction of the world’s norm, Alaska’s budget was in the red. In 1999, to head off looming deficits, deficits that might have caused Alaskans to demand their fair share, Veco spent over $700,000 on advertising, a proposal to tap your PFD and shackle you with an income tax. Accepting that we started getting our fair share in 2007, not much has changed. Many of the people who hit the speaking trail for Veco then, are hitting the speaking trail for Parnell today. Lower taxes didn’t work then and it won’t work today.  If you value your Permanent Fund Dividend, and don’t want to be hit with a big fat tax, you better be asking your candidates where they are getting their money and where they stand on this issue.
Ray Metcalfe, chairman
Citizens for Ethical Government

E-Recycling saw great cooperation

Cook Inletkeeper would like to thank all the participants of the Seventh-Annual Electronics Recycling Event and congratulate them on yet another successful collection effort. More than 100 households and 30 businesses and nonprofits demonstrated their commitment to protecting and preserving our environment by keeping unwanted electronic items out of our local landfills. We collected more than 18,000 pounds of e-waste this year, an effort that included the second year of participation from the villages of Seldovia, Port Graham and Nanwalek. Over 112,000 pounds have been collected since electronics recycling first started in Homer.
Cook Inletkeeper would also like to thank the dozens of individuals and businesses that make this popular annual event possible. Special thanks to our underwriter partners: Total Reclaim, Kenai Peninsula Borough, US Fish and Wildlife Service and Spenard Builders Supply — as well as to all of our financial and in-kind sponsors and supporters — Alaska Marine Conservation Council, Fat Olives, HEA, Kachemak Bay Conservation Society, Kar-a-Van Transfer, Loopy Lupine, Mako Haggerty, Safeway, Save-U-More, Spencer Allen, Tech Connect, Totem Ocean Trailer Express, and Two Sisters Bakery.  And, last but certainly not least, to the most dedicated and hardworking crew of volunteers, a huge thank you and cheers to another great year.
Dorothy Melambianakis
Community Outreach assistant
Cook Inletkeeper

Homer Foundation benefits nonprofits

Recently, the Homer Foundation administered the City of Homer Grants Program and awarded funds to nine Homer non-profits to support operating expenses.
Non profits are guided by a mission and driven by the passion to sustain or improve our quality of life, whether it is about protecting the environment, feeding the hungry, building a playground, providing health care or opportunities to participate in the arts. This community demands a quality of life that has created a large non-profit sector. We rely on grants, sponsorships, donations, memberships, fundraisers, and endless hours of staff and volunteer time to meet our missions. Without all of this, the cost of projects, classes, and events would be exclusive if not prohibitive. Many services would not be available.
Homer Council on the Arts would like to thank the City of Homer and The Homer Foundation for their support and the recognition that the arts are as important to the health and vitality of our community as the Food Bank, Hospice, the environment, our land and the trails to enjoy our land.  All of these facets of our community meet the many needs of Homer and support a quality of life that we cherish.
Gail Edgerly
Executive director

Appreciation on behalf of Rosana

Friends of Rosana and Charles Moyer, together with Kachemak Kids Early Learning Center, held a Children’s Art Show and Silent Auction to help them pay for medical costs while fighting breast cancer.
Rosana, a preschool and art teacher extraordinaire, is fighting the battle with so many others. As Homer is known for doing, the community came out in full support. We would like to thank the business’s and artist who contributed: Sasquatch Alaska Adventure Co., Don Henry, Fresh Catch Cafe, Darcy Mueller, Diane McBride, Bunnell Street Gallery, Fireweed Gallery, Ptarmagin Arts, Pam Nustvold, Karin Holbrook, Blackberry Bog, Northwind, Jan Peyton, Beverly Macy, Renee Janke, Jean Steele, Christine Kulcheski, Kari Multz, Susannah Webster, Hanna Johnson, Shelly Fraley  Pratt Museum, Bob McEchern, Rosemary Welz, Yolanda Ochoa, and Min Hui Cui.
If you would like to donate to support the Moyer’s, a donation account at Wells Fargo is open. For questions, contact KKELC at 235-2205.
Emilie Otis

Rural students helped by YAC

I am writing to offer our thanks to the Homer Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) with funding support from YAC’s generous donors and the Ashley J. Logan and Sheldon Youth to Youth funds for their contribution on behalf of our 2012 Summer Institute and Middle School-High School Bridge programs. These programs will run concurrently in May and June in Homer. 
YAC’s donation will be of great help as we welcome students from seven rural GRAD schools, who will participate in activities designed to enhance their educational experience and prepare for the transitions from middle school to high school and from high school to college.  Summer Institute allows GRAD students to be on campus and get a feel for challenging and enriching curriculum in a nurturing environment. 
We appreciate YAC being a part of the support base as we work to assist students in achieving a rewarding and successful educational experience. 
Mike Petersen
Executive director


Quilters grateful for participation

Thanks to everyone who attended our 28th annual Kachemak Bay Quilters’ quilt show last weekend. We had great attendance and lots of appreciation for our works of art. This was our first year to participate in the Shorebird Challenge, an opportunity to create a wall hanging depicting birds in and around Kachemak Bay.  Alice Krivitsky’s sandhill cranes wall hanging, Mrs. Kramden and Sprout, was voted first place; Kathy Pankratz’ Chickadees took second place in the challenge, and Ellen Halseth’s flying geese migration, North with the Sun, took third place.
Voting by attendees at the quilt show determined all our awards.  The Best of Show award winner was Nebula, a swirling wall quilt designed and created by Beth Christensen. 
Bed quilt winners were first place:  Mirage in colors of green, red, and black by Carol Renfrew; Pam Troughton’s Glacier Star in shades of brown featuring the American Beauty pattern, second place; and Peggy Parson’s interpretation of sea life in Under the Sea was awarded third place. 
Attendee votes for wall hangings selected first place:  Pam Troughton’s Christmas Celebration in magenta with a round star in the middle of the hanging; second place Fractl designed by Beth Christensen using, among other embellishments, copper wire;  and third place Barb Steckel’s My Lone Star in shades of greens and blues.
In the “Other” category, which included wearable art, table runners, and anything that was not a wall hanging or a bed quilt, viewer votes awarded first place to Enid Keyes for her table cover Sunny Morning in My Kachemak Bay Kitchen, second place to Linda Tennison for her blue jacket and cap, and third place to Ellen Halseth’s Fiesta! table topper.
We would especially like to thank Merry Gregg at Ulmer’s and Neline VanDyke at Sewciable Quilts for their continued support of our quilt show. 
Margaret Lau
Kachemak Bay Quilters


Coming soon

The Builderburg meets again at the end of this month. I suppose they’ll decide who Mitt Romney’s running mate will be. It was not long ago that no one believed there was such an organization making America’s agendas/wars behind closed doors. Hilary and Obama attended one year. 
New news for political dissidents: there are new leaked memos about the Government Re-education Camps planned for Americans. America is being set up like pre-World War II Germany. I hope you all are paying attention. Ron Paul is drawing crowds of thousands, growing delegates, too, despite obvious media blackout.
Other news: there’s a giant sunspot happening these days. Fukashima may be about to blow again, even worse. Small farmers are really taking a beating around the nation. Some small farmers face millions in fines for chicken and rabbit offenses or three years in jail for selling raw milk. 
Rev. Richard Olson

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