Police Rport – April 11

Homer Volunteer Fire Department responded to 11 emergency medical calls for the week of April 2-8th, 2012.

AST requests welfare check on a possible residence of a reported suicidal man.
A 911 caller reported a mother has an infant in a child safety seat in front seat of vehicle.
An anonymous caller reported someone at a local business told her they saw a small child walking alone on Main St.
A man presented himself at the counter with a loose dog he captured near his residence.
A caller reported after the fact theft of an item from the back of his truck.

A caller reported an injured eagle in the yard on Kachemak Dr.
A store employee has detained a person for shoplifting and two more left the scene in a maroon Chevy.
A caller requests welfare check on a man who has not come home from work.

A 911 caller reported having an unaccompanied small child in her vehicle after seeing him in the middle of the road on W. Pioneer Ave.
A caller reported a sea otter on the rocks near a local beach parking lot.
A caller reported a vehicle has returned and now is plugged in to their services near long term care on Bartlett St.
A man presented himself at the counter and reported several items were stolen from his vehicle.

A caller reported receiving numerous phone calls from his brother-in-law, threatening to burn his house down.
A store manager reported two intoxicated men pushing things off shelves in the store. The men trespassed from the store for six months.
A 911 caller reported a moose laying at the edge of the roadway on Spit Road.

A woman presented herself at the counter to report her car being vandalized on Kachemak Way.
A caller reported an injured duck on Beluga Place.
A caller reported illegal camping on the bypass.
A person came to the counter and reported an individual riding on the hood of a vehicle on East Pioneer Ave and Heath St.
A caller reported a naked man ran through a local business.
A caller reported two youths jumping into lanes of travel upon approach of vehicles on East End Road.

A caller reported a dead sea otter on a Homer Spit beach.
A woman reported her rear vehicle window was broken my a man spinning his tires and spraying rocks in the McDonald’s parking lot on Ben Walters Lane.
A caller reported a beached sea otter at the Anchor Point beach near the boat launch. Caller later reported the otter swam away safely.
A caller reported a neighbor’s white dog chasing a moose on Sabrina Road.

A caller reported an attempted break in at a local business on E. Pioneer Ave.
A caller reported a dead yearling moose in the yard on Aurora Ct.
A caller reported a child was left at a business after closing hours on W. Pioneer Ave.
An anonymous woman called and reported juveniles possibly smoking marijuana in a vehicle on Dehel street.

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