For the Record – April 11

The following records are cases and records filed in court. Individuals are innocent until proven guilty, and copies of the records are publicly available.

Clayton N. Armstrong, 23, driving without an operator’s license.
Kevin E. Jamroz, 21, driving under the influence.
Robert D. Webb, 27, assault in the fourth degree.
Denise A. Tatum, 35, making a false report and driving without a valid driver’s license.
Dan E. Browning, 22, misconduct and possessing a weapon in the fourth degree.
Aaron M. Forwood, 29, driving while license was revoked, suspended or cancelled.

Anatoly A. Kojin, 27, driving under the influence.
Dakota Zelling, 21, arson in the first degree, criminal mischief in the third degree and assault in the fourth degree.

David Whitmire vs. Jacqueline Sena- District court FED
Paul Neal vs. City of Homer- Other Contract- Superior Court.
Vladimir F. Kuzmin vs. Gavril Konev- Small Claims more than $2500.
Preventative Dental Services vs. Michael Hayes- Small Claims less than $2500.
Preventative Dental Services vs. Ashlyn Corbell.

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