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By Share the Spirit
We would like to start by saying thank you to all who donated or volunteered with Share the Spirit for the 2011 Holiday Basket Program.
Without the continued generous support of this community, this program would wither and die, but every year you step up and make this program work for those in need in our community, again we thank you all.
The year 2011 saw the greatest need in the 20-year history of Share the Spirit. We were able to assist 224 households; 61 more than ever before. Of those, 100 requested only food and 31 were “adopted.” That left 93 who asked for food, as well as gifts for their children.
Some 667 individuals were assisted, of which 267 were children under the age of 18. Of that, 54 were under the age of three. Included in the number of households (those with children), 54 were headed by single moms and 10 more by single dads.
Due to the large number of single-person households, the average household size this year was down to 2.98. Our application includes space for information about veteran, senior citizen and disability status, but not all applicants answer, so our numbers are incomplete. However, of those who disclosed, 18 of the applicants had a veteran in the household, which equals 8 percent of the total applicants.
Additionally, at least 31 individuals in need of assistance were senior citizens (60-plus years), and 13 had a disability.
Our big money maker, as in years past, was again the spaghetti feed. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Fran McCampbell from Total Office Products and her talented and dedicated crew. For the fifth year in a row, they handled the program from the first brainstorming session, throughout all the stirring and tasting until the last dirty pan was clean.
This project provides approximately 50 percent of the total revenues we need to run our programs each year. We could not do what we do without a big fundraiser, and many in the community have come to count on the spaghetti feed to get involved. Some even vow it is the beginning of the season for them.
Sadly, Fran and her right-hand gal, Julie, have asked for a well-deserved year off. That’s right, let’s put out the word. Share the Spirit needs someone (or some group) to step up and run the feed at least for 2012. The good news is, Fran and Julie have a little manual to help you, so don’t be shy. Say yes, and drop us a note at PO Box 3218, Homer AK 99603.
Once more, thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do for our community.
And remember to Share the Spirit.

President Shari Daugherty,
Vice President, Jayne Locklar
Basket Chairman, Kelly Glidden

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