Police Report – Mar. 7

Homer Volunteer Fire Department responded to three emergency medical calls and no fire calls for the week of Feb. 27 through March 4.
REMINDER: This Sunday is daylight savings time so when you change your clocks don’t forget to change your batteries in your smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors.

A complaint was received via fax from a school bus driver. A vehicle had passed the bus when red lights were flashing and students in the area.
A caller reported an unknown man standing outside of her apartment on the walkway then left the area on Svedlund Street.
A caller reported hearing a woman scream on Bartlett Street.

A caller reported a loose dog harassing an adult moose and calf on Jennifer Place.
A caller reported a young man standing in the middle of the roadway on Heath St and Klondike.

A woman presented herself at the counter and reported fraudulent charges to her bank account.
A caller reported black bear tracks around her house on Bartlett Street.
A caller reported juveniles stealing from a store, caught on camera.

An unknown man reported a moose at the front door of the Homer High School.

A woman reported being harassed by two individuals on Ben Walters.
A caller reported two black labs going after wild rabbits in her yard on Ben Walters.
A caller reported a woman possibly selling drugs from her car on Beluga Place.
A man presented himself at the counter and reported his daughter may be being stalked.
A caller reported his estranged wife is at his apartment and he wants her to leave.

A caller reported a boyfriend assaulted her and is destroying her property on Heath Street.
A woman reported possible identity theft.

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