Police Report – Mar. 14

Kachemak Emergency Services responded to six medical emergency calls and four fire calls the first week in March.

A woman came to the police counter and reported her daughter’s cell phone was stolen after the fact on E. Pioneer Avenue.
An officer assisted a man regarding the legal requirements of a bumper.

A caller reported an expected death on Sea Breeze Court.

A caller reported seeing a gun for sale on Facebook.
A caller reported seeing a person along the street carrying a rifle.

Homer High School reported obtaining a substance in a foil packet.
An unknown caller reported a moose lying on the roadside, leaning over on Spit Road and Kachemak Drive.
A caller reported a vehicle chasing a moose down the road on Lake Shore Drive.
A caller reported a deceased moose calf on East Bunnell.
A caller reported yelling and screaming from a neighborhood residence.

A woman reported her home is being falsely advertised for rent on Craigslist on Poppy Circle.
A caller reported an injured moose in her yard on Saltwater Drive.
A woman reported a moose won’t leave her deck on Bowers Street.
A caller reported a nuisance moose. A moose was shot and given to charity.

A 911 caller reported neighbors possibly smoking marijuana on Ben Walters Lane.
A woman reported an item thrown at her door. No damage occurred.

A local business reported shoplifting after the fact on Lake Street.
A caller reported a shoplifter in custody and lodged in the Homer Jail.
A woman presented herself at the counter and reported her residence had been vandalized on Fairview.
An anonymous woman presented herself at the counter with a found wallet.

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