Police Report – Feb. 1

Kachemak Emergency Services responded to three medical emergencies during the week of Jan. 23-29. 
Homer Volunteer Fire Department responded to 14 emergency calls and three fire calls for the week of January 23-29.
• On Jan. 23, at 12:44 p.m., fire crews responded to 570 Whispering Meadows for a chimney fire.
• On Jan. 26, at 10:43 a.m., fire crews responded to Kevin Bell Arena for an automatic fire alarm.
• On Jan. 26 at 11:32 a.m., crews returning from a previous call arrived on scene of a four-vehicle accident on Beluga Slough. Crews maintained traffic control while officers and medics worked on the scene.
• A person reported fraudulent use of his credit card.
• A local business requested a welfare check on a possible suicidal woman on Lee Street.
• A caller reported hitting a moose on Ocean Drive and Douglas Place.
• A 911 caller reported a moose in roadway, possibly hit by a vehicle on Lake Street.
• A caller reported medication stolen from her unlocked vehicle.
• A caller reported an intoxicated woman at a Hillfair Court facility.
• A caller reported her vehicle was hit by a flat bed truck that then left the scene on Greatland Street.
• Officers escorted a vehicle transporting a woman with chest pains to SPH.
• Multiple vehicles collided during a whiteout on Beluga Slough.
• An unknown 911 caller reported a school bus losing gear out of an open compartment on Sterling Highway and West Hill Road.
• A woman reported she believed her computer had been hacked.
• A woman reported her vehicle was hit by an unknown person while parked at Kate Kuhns Aquatic Center.
• A caller reported a school bus stopped in the roadway on East Hill Road and South Slope Drive.
• A caller reported a snow machine on the roadway, making jumps on Ben Walters Lane.
• A caller reported a baby moose laying in the yard on Lakeshore Dr.
• A caller reported a dog inside the airport fence on FAA Road.
• A caller reported a possible vehicle or boat in the ice on Spit Road.
• An East Skyline caller reported a dead moose in her yard, possibly there a couple of days.
• A caller reported a possible drug deal in parking lot on the Bypass.
• A caller reported being chased by two dogs on Skyline Road.
• An officer comes upon a school bus in the middle of the road.
• An officer observed a person, known to be revoked, driving.
• A woman reported her mother received a call from someone directing her to go to a website on her computer. Once she did they hijacked it and said she was no longer able to control it.
• A 911 caller reported her boyfriend may have ingested a poisonous substance.
• An officer’s consent was given to search a vehicle and confiscated a pipe and a small amount of marijuana on Kachemak Drive.

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