Letters – Feb. 22

Riding off into the sunset

It is with a heart full of sadness that I must say goodbye to all my loyal friends, movie goers and popcorn lovers. After four years of managing the Homer Theatre, recent changes in supervision and organization have made me feel unable to continue working there.
I will miss your smiles, your jokes, your hugs, and – I will sincerely miss shaking your popcorn and getting it “just right.” You have helped make some of my most treasured memories. Remember the Senior Center Talent Show? Wow! There has never been a crowd to match that one. Gay, wherever you are, I love you and thank you.
And, I remember a night when about 50 of you all voted to have me stop the 35 mm projector so we could step outside and experience a most amazing eclipse together. Sitting in the front row with Julie Cesarini on her last Christmas Eve, belting out Beatles songs to “Across The Universe.” Still miss you my friend.
So many faces, so many memories. Thank you all. I send all of you a ginormous collective hug. It’s all cosmic.
Robin Daugherty

Thank you for giving us more time

I would like to thank the staff of South Peninsula Hospital for, quite literally, saving the life of my wife JoAnn on the morning of Feb. 16.
While I cannot remember all of the names of the folks involved I do remember Bonnie, Keith and Dr. Giulia Tortora. The decisions you made and the efficiency with which you performed your jobs saved JoJo’s life. We were told that several times by the staff and doctors who ended up performing the stent procedure later that day in Anchorage. Their praise of your work was heartfelt and constant.
The wonderful part was that in the midst of your precision you never let go of the term “caregiver.” Your constant attention to keeping us up to date on exactly what you were doing and why fills me with gratitude each time I reflect on that very scary morning. You not only kept JoJo calm, you kept me and my sister Julie calm and confident that every possible action was being taken.
We can all be proud to have a medical facility like South Peninsula Hospital in our community, but without the wonderful folks who work there and save lives everyday, it would just be a beautiful facility.
I cannot thank you enough for giving me more time with the love of my life.
Monte Davis

Ski trails and snow machines

It is that time of year again, for the Marathon Cross country ski trail to grace our lands, and once again I appeal to snow-machine operators near and far, who also like to play in the area, to please, respect the groomed ski trails, and private property. I refer specifically to the East Skyline and Olson Mountain Roads area. I realize those riding  north along the section line have to cross those trails. As you so thoughtfully did last year, we ask again, just cross it slowly, at a 90 degree angle, so as to disturb as little as possible.
Sadly, there has been snow machine damage to some of the existing ski trails, where thoughtless riders drove down the trail and tore it up.   Again, we  ask, please respect the groomed ski trails.  There is surely sufficient snow this year, to accommodate all snow enthusiasts. To my neighbors,  my sincere thanks that you continue to respect my wishes about the trails, etc. Thank you.
Milli Martin

Time to vote

This year Alaskans will have the opportunity to elect me to Congress to replace Don Young. This will be another step toward returning Alaska and the US to legitimate democracy from 30 years of Bush-Reagan fascism.
In 1984 I reported to my commanding general at air command and Staff College in Maxwell AFB, Ala. that I was under surveillance. I wrote a letter to Sen. Ted Stevens detailing these events, after nothing changed for several months. I was then held for six months at a psychiatric ward in Eglin AFB, Flo, and put on an 18-month medical leave from the Air Force in 1986.
In Aug. of 1987 I was discharged from the Air Force. I then wrote to Sens. Sam Nunn, Daniel Inouye and Ted Kennedy asking for an investigation. On Oct. 19, 1987 I surmised the results of that investigation came in when the Dow fell 508 points, over 25 percent. Shortly thereafter Caspar Weinberger and Elizabeth Dole were forced to resign for their parts in the crimes committed against me and the Constitution.
Since 1987, I have been subjected to continuous torture, terrorism and treachery by Bush-Reagan hard-core fascist criminals, secret police terrorist, surveillance-harassment teams under the direct control of vermin politicians, bureaucrats and military flag officers. Together with their prostitute psychiatrists, psychologists and federal judges and justices they have prevented and obstructed my every attempt to obtain justice from our legal system. This has cost American taxpayers over $10 million a year for the last 30 years.
My run for Congress this year will hopefully be a major turning point to return justice and sanity to Congress, Alaska and the U.S.
Frank Vondersaar

No guarantees for future oil

Looking for guarantees in all the wrong places and finding none. Our legislators want guarantees that the oil companies will explore for more oil if the Alaska Legislature gives them the governor’s proposed tax break, but even if they do, there is no guarantee of another major oil find. However, there’s one guarantee we can have. If we continue getting what the remaining oil is worth and deposit the excess revenues in the Alaska Permanent Fund, our fund will grow to the point its earnings will be more than sufficient to continue paying dividends and cover the costs of government in perpetuity. If, before the oil runs out, we fail to build our permanent fund to the point that its earnings can replace our current income from oil, we will eventually spend our savings, Alaska’s economy will collapse, and we Alaskans will replace Mississippi as the poorest state in the nation for the next 100 years.
Ray Metcalfe

A winter carnival for the Peanuts

The Paul Banks Winter Carnival was a great place for families to warm up and have fun after the Winter Carnival Parade. The school gym was transformed into a kids’ haven for the afternoon; complete with bouncy house, face painting, food, games, prizes and more.
The Paul Banks PTA would like to thank the many parent and teacher volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to make this happen! Thanks to the Homer Emblem Club for making cotton candy and snow cones, Head Start for running the cake walk, HoPP for getting the eye-catching Radio Flyer Wagon replica parked in front of the school, Kachemak Wholesale for ordering the food and having it all ready for us to pick up, Alaska USA Federal Credit Union for providing volunteers, Ulmers, and Fat Olives. We appreciate all the families who attended the carnival too.
Not only did the kids have a blast, this event is one of Paul Banks PTA’s biggest fundraisers of the year and allows us to help pay for programs such as swim lessons and after school activities for students.
Paul Banks PTA

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