Police Report – Jan. 11

Homer Volunteer Fire Department responded to 5 emergency medical calls and no fire calls for the week of Jan. 2-9.
Kachemak Emergency Services responded to five medical emergencies and two fire calls during the week of Jan 2-8.
A woman reported being threatened by two young women over belongings left at her residence on Main Street.
An anonymous caller reported a possible intoxicated women on a bicycle on Lake Street and Ocean Drive Loop.
A woman reported witnessing someone hit her vehicle and drove away.
A woman requested options regarding her 18-year-old and making him leave her home.
A man came to the police station to report a break-in on East Fairview.
A caller reported an intoxicated man in a home on Herndon Drive.
A caller reported water coming from an unoccupied residence on Mountain View Drive.
A caller reported losing a wallet.
A caller reported a wallet missing on Lake Street.
An out-of-state caller reported threats being made on Ocean Drive Loop.
A caller reported a man and woman arguing loudly on E. Pioneer Avenue.
A caller reported a trespassed vehicle stuck in the driveway on Mallard Way.
A man presented himself at the counter and requested a copy of reckless driving statute.
A caller reported the neighbors dog chased her daughter from the mailboxes to their house on Sabrina Road.
A caller reported that a husky type dog is at large and chasing a moose in the area on Kachemak Way and Bayview Avenue.
A woman presented herself at the front counter with questions for an officer about drug testing.
A caller reported she saw a woman wreck her bike in the middle of the road, caller was unable to stop or turn around.
A caller reported hitting a moose with vehicle. Moose walked away.
An officer contacted a disabled vehicle in the road on East End Road and Easy Street.
An unknown 911 caller reported she was trapped inside of the car wash bay because the door ad frozen shut. On a call back she advised that the attendeant had gotten her out of the bay on Ocean Drive.
A 911 caller reported a man angry with her because she called for help on Nelson Avenue.
A driver was warned for bad driving on Heath Strret and Hazel.
A caller requested patrol of an apartment parking lot due to dispute with evicted tenant on Main Street.

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