Exciting sail race

By Randi Somers
Homer Tribune

The new race the Homer Yacht Club added to the summer’s events featured a new start procedure which made for an interesting contest, Captain Erik Pullman said. Start times were staggered based on handicaps, and theoretically if all the handicaps were correct the boats would finish together, which they almost did. The first three finished within 60 seconds of each other and the fourth, Michael Sharp’s Bluewater only lagged because he had trouble with his asymetric spinnaker. Ron Downing’s Morning Star was first across the line followed by Erik Pullman’s Nereus, Martha J (Carlin Rauch) and then Bluewater.
The course was from the deepwater dock, around the barge buoy, around Gull Island and back to the finish line.
This was not a cup race but just for fun, Downing said, since there was a gap in the race schedule.

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