Texas folk singer performs at Alice’s Palace

By Randi Somers
Homer Tribune

Pier One Theatre is featuring singer/songwriter folk rock performer Johann Wagner from Austin Texas at Alice’s Champagne Palace this weekend.
Pier One Artistic Director Lance Petersen said that Austin is a great music town and they travel there often to visit their son who lives there. “We came across this guy and he’s the genuine deal. We liked him and invited him. Austin’s the epicenter of the music scene down there. Every little coffee shop has a stage. We think it would be cool if we could have a trickle of musicians from Austin coming up here to perform year-round,” Petersen said.
“It is being held at Alice’s primarily because it is co-sponsored by Alice’s and KBBI,” he said. “We three organizations are interested in the possibility of having more people from Austin performing here all year. And Alice’s serves food and drink which is part of the scene for music, rather than a formal concert in a theater. It’s more of an entertainment event and the venue is perfect for that.”
One reviewer wrote “… Johann Wagner has John Prine in his heart, Bob Dylan in his head and Woody Guthrie in his DNA.” All sterling inspirations.
A child of Albuquerque, N. M. and a park ranger of the Joshua Tree National Park, Wagner weaves stories filled with red rocks, creosotes and sagebrush of the American southwest into tangible and intimate songs. He is well known for writing songs that other performers cover. His music has been covered and recorded by a variety of notable musicians including Gregory Alan Isakov, Victoria Williams, Shannon Wurst, Three Penny Acre and others. Along with being a regional finalist in the Kerrville Songwriting Competition, his co-write “If I Go, I’m Goin” was in season four of Showtime’s television series “Californication.” He now resides in central Texas where the Austin American Statesman refers to him as “The number one best bet” and the Dallas Morning News labels him “A Texas Folk Music Staple.”
Wagner has a number of albums to his credit and is traveling to promote his recently released “Disappear.” He will be performing some of his new songs here and in Anchorage. After his Alaska performances, he travels for gigs in Arkansas, New Mexico and Texas through the month of September.
He performs at Alice’s Champagne Palace June 17 and 18 starting at 8 p.m.
As with all Pier One shows, tickets are available in advance at The Bookstore and Etude Studio. Reservations can be made by calling 235 7333.

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