Alaska-grown band plays Homer

• Static Cycle’s video features Bristol Palin
By Alida Dunning
Homer Tribune

Alaskan-grown rock band Static Cycle is back home after touring 14 states and sharing the stage with the likes of Daughtry, Drowning Pool, Puddle of Mudd, Eve6 and 36 Crazyfists.
They are set to play their first show in Homer, plus gigs in Fairbanks, and Anchorage, before heading back Outside to continue touring.
Jared Navarre, vocalist and lead guitar player, said the music is best described as a fusion sound.
“We’ve got some hard rock guitars, some hip-hop back beats, and then we’ve got some R & B and rock vocals,” he said.
In an unusual route, the band produced their first record before appearing on stage for the first time in 2007. 
Navarre met Josh Witham, Static Cycle’s lead guitarist, in 2005, and they started creating the first album shortly after. They had been recording in the studio for six months before they found drummer Dennis Smith. “Dennis came in 2007 and went into the studio and recorded the record with us, and about six months after that we jumped on stage,” he said.
The band played together for a year before performing live. “We were all in different projects before, and had played music enough that we wanted to approach the music scene a little different”, he said. “So we finished the record, we had a full line of merch and everything like that, and had a full stage show ready before we stepped on stage to play our first show in Alaska. We tried to take the scene here by storm.” Three months later they started touring in the Lower 48. “It was incredible because normally you have a greater ratio of shows to practice hours. It was so much work finally paying off, and getting to show the fans our music, which was amazing.”
All three members are lifelong Alaskans with a lifelong love of music. “We’re all true Alaskans,” Navarre said. “We all kind of grew up in music in different ways, and it’s been a part of our lives since we were kids. Dennis has played drums since he was like, five years old, I’ve sang my entire life, and Josh, I think he’s been playing guitar for about 12 years now. It’s embedded in us, this love for music.”
The band is looking forward to their upcoming Alaska tour. “There’s something special about it, being home. We haven’t found a better crowd than in Alaska and better fans. There’s something special about the music scene here, and about how people appreciate music in Alaska. We’re excited for these shows, really, really excited,” said Navarre. “We’ve never played Homer, so it’s gonna be great to come down there, play a new city, get to spend time with people we’ve never met before. We’re gonna have a blast on stage.” 
Touring with the band are keyboardist Johnny Nabors, from Anchorage, and bass player Danny Refcock from Michigan. Navarre and the other band-members are looking forward to sharing their love of Alaska with Refcock. “We’re really excited that he gets to come on this little Alaskan tour with us too, because he’s never seen any of the state, and it’s going to be great to go through Homer and Fairbanks and Soldotna, and have him see different sides of Alaska.” 
Their second record is being produced as two EPs. “Part 1: Hydrate,” came out a few weeks ago, along with their newest video, “Inside This World of Mine,” featuring Bristol Palin as Mother Nature. The video was filmed at Chena Ice Museum, and on a glacier. “I thought that was so awesome. They choppered me out in between Matanuska and Knik glaciers. They dropped me out on a mountain top. It was incredible. It was so much fun.”
Accomplished musician and veteran production technician, Van Horn Ely, worked on their video at Chena. He spoke very highly of the guys. His band, the Rebuttals, has competed against them at a battle of the bands. “They looked liked rock stars and acted like cool Alaskan folks. They were very supportive of our band.”
Navarre said they’ll be promoting the single and their new EP during their next tour. The second half of the record, “Part 2: Rehydrate” is already finished and is due to be released in about six months. “We’re hoping to get over to Europe sometime this year or next and play for overseas crowds. We’re going to try to play for military audiences this year and just keep touring and playing and writing new music and creating. That’s our immediate future, enjoying what we do, and bringing that joy to other people,” he said.
The two new EPs go deeper into the personal beliefs of the band-members.
“It talks about some hard stuff … and some things we see wrong with the world. ‘Paper chase’, the second track, talks a lot about greed, and the fourth track on the record, ‘Make It’ talks a lot about the industry and what fame can do to people. The inspiration really comes from us just wanting to spread good music to people and really wanting to be an alternative to just the no-nonsense pop fluff music that’s out there that just doesn’t resonate in anybody’s soul. Our music’s real, it’s honest, and it’s us,” he said.

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