Who won the Hoka Hey?

A man identifying himself as Jim Red Cloud returned a phone call to the Homer Tribune late Monday morning. He stated that John Compton is not a spokesperson for Hoka Hey and doesn’t represent him or the organization.

• ‘It was over 8,000 miles of pure hell’
By Sean Pearson
Homer Tribune
Three days following the close of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge endurance race from Key West, Fla. to Homer, Alaska, the Homer Tribune received a call from a man identifying himself as John Compton.
Compton said he was acting publicist for Hoka Hey, as well as executive producer of the film of the race. He stated he was responding to my question about whether or not the death of a third rider had been confirmed.
“There have been two confirmed deaths, and we have spoken to the families of both,” Compton said. “We actually learned about it before the families did.”
Compton said he did not believe there had been any more deaths, as no more had been reported to them.
“We asked that all deaths be called into the Hoka Hey desk,” he said.
When asked about obtaining a list of finishers in order to establish if any riders might still be on the road, Compton said Hoka Hey organizers are fairly sure they have everyone “pretty much accounted for,” and have a good idea who won.
“We’re pretty sure we know who won, but we’re not going to announce it until next week,” Compton said. “All of the top finishers have passed the drug test, and now have to pass the polygraph.”
He said organizers would also be verifying speedometers and making sure riders made a couple of surprise checkpoints.
“The second guy who finished missed a checkpoint,” Compton confirmed. “He was disqualified.”
Compton also addressed other issues surrounding the race, including the lack of GPS trackers on bikes. Some bikers reported they had been told GPS chips would be installed on the bikes to keep track of them.
“That’s not exactly true,” Compton said. “We said from the beginning that there would be no GPS. That’s in the rules.”
He also explained that the proposed staggered start was ended by law enforcement in Key West, who told Hoka Hey organizers they had “13 minutes to get all our riders on the road.”
Compton said the rush still didn’t allow them to get everyone started within that timeframe.
“But at no time were these guys told to be stupid,” he said, apparently referring to those who reached high speeds jockeying for position at the start.
Compton went on to acknowledge participants’ frustration with routes, maps and instructions.
“I told some of those guys they needed to stop, think and figure things out,” he said. “We’re not just going to give away that half-million dollars.”
According to Compton, several of the organizers ran into trouble on the road in bikes, as well as trucks.
“We had a fleet of brand new Ford pick-up trucks, and we certainly didn’t think any of them would break down,” he said. “Not that I’m knocking Ford, they make a great truck.”
Despite the ongoing criticism of Hoka Hey organizers, Compton maintained that the real story is the “real, true-to-life Indian from Pine Ridge, S.D., his wife and her sister who put the Hoka Hey together.”
“What these people have done is truly amazing,” he said. “They have brought attention to the fact that there are 20,000 people on the Pine Ridge Reservation with no drinking water.”
According to Compton, the reservation’s water supply has been contaminated by uranium from a nearby mining operation. He said the Hoka Hey was organized as a fundraiser for the people on the reservation.
“There are literally thousands of people living out there in pasteboard houses with no drinking water. They have to buy bottled water,” he explained. “The Hoka Hey was always about drawing attention to the water problem at Pine Ridge; it was all about the charities.”
Compton said Red Cloud is a tribal lawyer, and grew up on the Pine Ridge reservation.
“He grew up without running water and never even saw a bathtub or shower until he got to college,” Compton said. “Now, Jim has everything he needs. His philosophy is to give back what you don’t need.”
According to Compton, Red Cloud, Beth Durham and Annie Malloy were just some “regular people trying to pull all this together.”
“In Nashville, we call it the three Bs: Balls, bucks and brains,” Compton explained. “Well, they had the balls, and they got the bucks. They just didn’t have all the brains part figured out yet. At no time did they ever think they would make money for themselves.”
In his role as executive producer, Compton said the Hoka Hey ride was filmed, and will be offered to TV programs.
“That gives us a chance to raise money and get water to these people,” he said. “We’ve tried going through the government, and we’re not getting anywhere. Now, I’m not knocking the government, but they got things like a war in Afghanistan and a $1.2 trillion deficit to worry about.”
Compton called the Hoka Hey a “success,” estimating some 2-3,000 people attended the July 4 celebration at Stone Step. Some locals attending the party have estimated anywhere from 400-700 partygoers.
“You need to be patting Jimmy Red Cloud and Anne and Beth on the back for what they’ve done,” Compton said. “Almost 200 riders have already signed up for next year, and we already have major sponsorship lined up. Now, understand that Homer won’t automatically get it next year. Y’all will have to bid on it.”

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  1. Noevo says:

    Just thought, having followed the Hoka Hey for longer than any of the newly found Spokespersons who seem to be popping up, I’d show you a link to the original Hoka Hey Website, especially the FAQ section ( http://www.hokaheychallenge.com/FAQs.html ) where they explicitly state the organizers would be tracking the riders with GPS. Many of the statements made by John Compton and Alystar Mckenneh are direct contradictions to what this Challenge has been promoted and sold to the riders who have signed up. Sean, You’ve done written wonderful articles and covered this as well as anyone, please take a look at the Hoka Hey website for what this was sold as…you will see the contradictions yourself.

  2. Hoka Who? says:

    Wow, another paid liar representing the Durham family.

    Virtually nothing that the man claims is accurate.

    And yet, there will be some people who will take his lies and use them to justify their continued support of a bunch of criminal co-conspirators.


  3. Jan says:

    Compton says 2000-3000 people attended the party at Stone Steps Lake. Homer has a population of 5,300 people. I attended the party and a generous count was 500 people, although people were coming & going, especially after it started raining. The $30/head entry fee kept a lot of locals away. We throw better parties than that on the beach for Summer Solstice. If Hoka Hey wanted us to throw a party for the riders, they should have asked. We know how to do that, as a community. As to who won? Frank Kelly & Will Barclay. Will they get the dough? We’ll find out at Sturgis. If they don’t get the dough, Big Jim should head for a country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the US. Most of the “warriors” who rode the race were ‘Nam vets who got their CIB’s before they were old enough to drink in the US. They don’t need Big Jim to tell them that they’re warriors. Just my two bits.

  4. Dorothy says:

    What is a “surprise checkpoint”? A stop that the organizers want a rider to stop at but didn’t inform them of it??

  5. texasgal says:

    interesting but according to a freind who was in contact with Mr Graves during his ride, no one has contacted his family from Hoka Hey as of some point yesterday, despite leaving messages for Beth and Beth’s promise to return their call. Unless someone called them late yesterday, which i supose is possible, but why wait so long? I imagine she will comment to the validity of that claim.
    Also, if Compton is the media publicist, why is this the first he’s made a statement?. During all this controversy, why wouldnt he have stepped forward earlier?
    and 2-3000 attendees at the July 4th party? SERIOUSLY???
    Is registration already open for next year? Is money being collected, or spots being reserved to be paid later as details are confirmed? or are they riders who are being comp’ed in exchange for their dissatisfaction over this event, as was offered online by the new owner of the HHC, Mr White.
    This has just further muddied things, rather than having things explained.

  6. Jimmy Kay says:

    Please keep me posted. We want to follow this story.
    Thanks in advance
    Hope things take a postive turn, however we want to know the truth.

  7. texasgal says:

    excuse me, i meant Ken GREEN. my apologies!

  8. Check out our blog with videos from the Send Off in Key West, FL to the final days in Homer of Hoka Hey riders arriving to the July 4th Closing Ceremony (where we don’t recall seeing or recording 2,000 to 3,000 people in attendance — see for yourself at our blog site). http://www.lakeweirlivingblog.com/

  9. houndman says:

    If this is not a hoax, then evidence that it is not needs to come forth quick, otherwise this is looking stupid so far. The spokesman here speaks of the three B’s. Let us remember that only the most comptent warriors, who usually have the balls it takes, are first the most intelligent.(the brains). So it looks like you need to get the three B’s in order here. Water? Everyone in America is buying bottled water these days because the quality of the water sucks. No bathtub or shower? My father grew up without that stuff too. He worked his ass off for those things after leaving Oklahoma in the 50’s and coming to Ca. He would not come close to the whining tone that this article comes to. This is bunk. Like the casino’s that the tribes here surround, like white mans forts that they surrounded 140 years ago. Like the loathing from the res. in SD.

  10. Norm says:

    I am dismayed over the lack of responsible reporting here. Is there any verification of the statements made by Mr. Compton? Mr. Compton claims that there was no statement that GPS trackers would be provided by the organizers yet the following information is posted by the organizers on their website under the FAQs.

    “While we don’t plan on babysitting the Challengers, we will know if you stayed with your bike because we know the route inside and out, we will be using GPS to track the riders, there will be cameras crews everywhere, and we will be employing other less obvious methods to keep an eye on the things. But, in the end, the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is a matter of honor and integrity as much as endurance and resourcefulness and the true Challengers will sort themselves out.”

    Jon also states that the HHMC was put on to raise funds for the the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation yet on the website there is a list of charities most of which are tied to American Veterans.

    Most offensive is Mr. Compton’s statement that the familes of the dead riders were contacted by the HH organizers. There are several blogs on the HH Facebook discussion page of individuals representing and/or members of the dead riders’ family stating that they were not contacted. Here is one:

    “Toni Since I started my comments on this post please allow me to continue – I know I’m not in the right spot. Sorry ’bout that. It is now 1:15 EST, about 48 hours since I spoke with Beth and was promised a return call that day. I know that someone has passed my post to her; there are comments all over the HH page that HH has posted to discussion boards; I wonder what aliases are being used. Just wanted to let you know that I still haven’t heard from ANYONE connected with the HH challenge.

    To Beth: Oh Beth, you amaze me with your callousness.

    To all others: Please be so kind as to keep me in the loop as things develop. i have a facebook page, many of you have already friended me (I appreciate the connection).”

    It took approximately five minutes to find these statements- why are you not doing the same? If Mr. Compton is misrepresenting some of the facts then how can he be a reputable spokesperson? Verify Jon Compton’s statement and involvement with the 2010 HH challenge. I doubt his length of involvement goes beyond the past few weeks.

    And, most importantly, ask yourselves what is the motive behind any of the statements made by Mr. Compton?

    Then find out.

  11. toni schultz says:

    I just wanted to, once again, state that as of now 7/8/2010 almost 3 PM EST (we’re 4 hours ahead of Alaska), I still have not been CONTACTED by anyone officially connected to the Hoka Hey Challenge. I called several of the phone numbers I was able to locate on 7/4 to get one answer to one question. When I spoke with Beth she promised a call back that day after she checked with the other people connected with the Challenge. [I am willing to take a lie detector test regarding that fact. LOL]
    Ken arrived in Miami this AM. The funeral will be Sunday.

  12. hddave says:

    This is truly amazing, No bathtub or showers until he was in college? Jim “Redcloud ” is not a sioux, not an indian at all, He was born and raised in Southwest ohio. His name is James G. Durham. Look it up It only took me a few minutes He graduated from Monroe High school.

  13. Cathie Pollock says:

    My brother Chuck Lynn was killed outside of Douglas Wyoming. Hoka Hey organizers never contacted my sister in law or anyone in our family. I called the troupers in Wyoming, because I was worried about my brother. So if they say they contacted us, they are lying again. When my sister in law called Hoka Hey their only answer was “What do you want us to do?” She left a message for Beth and Beth never returned the call.

    • Sharon says:

      Ms. Pollock, I don’t know you, yet I would like to express my condolences to you and your family.

      • Cathie Pollock says:

        Thank you for your condolences. This is a hard road to travel.

    • Spreading a Vision

      June 3, 2010 by roadtosturgis | Edit

      My own curiosity to see and touch created this ride. My own love of my country and its people and my frustration at the movement to create hate and distrust of my people by some created this ride. Added that I want to prove there is an audience for a film about bikers.

      I wanted to prove that a woman could ride my country safely. A lone biker could find a friend in any environment and that my country was full of amazing and kind Americans! I found so much more.

      Film Industry people, bikers and military all share something. We are routinely rotated into a group of new people. And when we are, we are able to create a family every time. It either says something about these groups or about people in general.

      Some folks stay in a constant environment and get a bit of a quiver when they change directions. Many of them become distrustful and afraid. Mostly they are afraid of what-if’s. I refuse to even consider a what-if unless it’s a positive one; and then only if it’s really an actionable option to consider.

      People like me love changes. We have discovered the secret. Life rewards action! Acton brings new opportunities, new friends, new loves and joyful communication between strangers who aren’t really strangers after all. It is our greatest learning environment and the most rewarding. It expands our minds and our options.

      Two days ago I was at a party with Hells Angels who were kind and gentle with me. Three days ago I was sitting in the rain on the roadside (no raingear but it was coming down so hard I couldn’t ride) three other bikers wearing rain gear pulled over to just be there for me. Last week I was enjoying the family of a new friend and before that I was sharing the duties of a peacock farm and a horse farm before that. Here on the road to Sturgis everyone I meet wants to support me in my quest. These American strangers are here for me just as my friends and colleagues back home in Los Angeles are. All proof that the way I see the world is accurate.

      Is it all great? Probably not. I’m a peaceful woman but the antiwar, anti-American group who carry signs promoting the death of our soldiers…well, I would bet that if I encountered them there’d be fists flying. They have the right to say what they say. In fact, that right was given to them by the men they defile. But I have zero tolerance for such warmongering hate creators.

      Beyond that life is good on the road to Sturgis and the vision through my eyes is spreading. I know it because I receive many emails from people who had all but given up and they are watching. They are feeling a renewed sense of trust in our people. They are seeing what I see; that the American way of life that we grew up with is still alive and kicking. And it is! I can assure you it is! I wish I had a bit bigger crew to shoot the things I haven’t had time to. To edit the footage I still have in the can. I could show you so much more! I could reach so many more eyeballs.

      And I will. I promise you I will. But for now, just trust that this one woman, me; who they say has always seen the world through rose-colored glasses…isn’t wearing glasses at all. She can see past the social faces and into the hearts of her country men and women because she only believes what she sees, not what someone else tells her. Fear is a terrible filter. And if you have such a filter, put it away. Look at my America through my eyes. See the America I see. And you will start to believe again.

      Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged Alystar, Americans, Road to Sturgis, woman rider | 3 Comments
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      edit this on July 8, 2010 at 8:58 pm | Reply Cathie Pollock

      I just read your blogs. My brother Charles (Chuck) Lynn was killed outside of Douglas Wyoming on the 26th. I was surprised that you did not mention this in your blog since you were following the challengers. I believe you even tried to interview the last man he rode with and he asked you to put the camera down. He told you what had happened to my brother. None of the organizers of HHC even contacted my sister in law or anyone in our family. I found out by calling the troupers in Wyoming worried because we hadn’t heard from Chuck and his tracker stopped moving.
      Chucks sister,
      Cathie Pollock


      Actually I was in the middle of interviewing him about his broken bike when he got the call from Chucks wife. After he took the call and I returned to the conversation he asked me to turn the camera off. He told me the news and I got the number from him and immediately called your sisters number. An older woman answered and then handed it to a man. I offered that man my condolences, gave him my number and asked him to call me if they needed anything. We were at a gas station in Hot Springs SD at that moment. After we left that rider broken down and made it to the Rez I told Jim what I had just learned, he called his wife Beth who fell apart and we called the highway patrol for the full information. They of course would not give us any.
      It was not my right to publish anything about your brothers death. It was the right of his family. In a formal way. Not to be blogged across the universe. You may disagree but I would be completely offended if some blogger or film maker released my brothers information to the world a few moments after it happened. It was just not my place.

      It did of course spread like wildfire through the riders after we got to the Rez. Chief Red Cloud was quite saddened and we all prayed with him for your brother. There was a moment of silence at the gathering in Homer for your brother and everyone had wonderful things to say about him. I did interview riders who talked about how he took gas from his own tank to help them out. Everyone had wonderful things to say about him and I know what a great loss you have suffered. I am so sorry. But please believe that your brother weighed heavily on all our minds from the moment we were told.
      After arriving in Montana I spoke with the Christian adviser about Chuck and we tried calling to find out if Chuck was military so we could ask the patriot guard to attend his funeral and if he wasn’t we thought we could get the riders who weren’t riding to go to the funeral. I did not get a return call on the phone number I initially used to speak with your family so I figured either you didn’t want to deal with motorcycle riders or perhaps you wanted privacy.

      I was told that Beth called your family and spoke to someone as well. Again I am so sorry for your loss. If I can do anything to help don’t hesitate to call. Alystar Mckenneh.

      July 10, 2010 at 3:15 pm | Reply Veronica Lynn

      I am Chuck’s, and Cathies Mom. I am the one that answered the phone when you called. I handed it to Luke and he talked with you and wrote info. for Chuck’s Wife Rocio. Untill I read this, I did not put together in my mind about your calling and my Daughter’s pain and anger. The only good is that you talked to the wonderful man Chuck shared his gas with. This is my Son. Giving and loving everyone he came in contact with. My Son Loved riding. I would never shun a biker. I know and understand the freedom of being on the back of the bike. My Boy loved it when he could take his old Mom for a ride.
      So please forgive the mistakes of our lashing out.
      God Bless you all
      Veronica Lynn

  14. Roy says:

    I would also like to know what a surprise check point is. I’ve checked out the directions on the 4th map and it indicates that Chief Oliver Red Cloud’s house is for “Medical, food and rest stop” it says nothing about a required stop or check point. It leads you to believe if you need anything stop but if a rider didn’t need anything why would they stop.

  15. Homerite says:

    Ironically, a large percentage of us living in the Homer area also don’t have running water and don’t expect to have such a thing installed in our houses ever and are quite happy without it.

  16. jerome jacobson says:

    16. If it is just limited to American motorcycles do Victory’s qualify?
    A. No, we are just trying to keep everyone on an even playing field and so, are limiting participation to Harley-Davidsons™ only. ( I saw some other bikes in the race too.
    did you change the rules.) THIS IS A BIG TIME SCAM.

  17. KMarie says:

    wah-bah-nung-goo-quay=Morning Star Woman=persons given name at birth

    con-artist-narcissist-sociopath(I gotta guess on this one, BJ never gave his ‘Indian name=Big Jim RedClown=Big Jimmy Dang those handcuffs hurt=James G. Durham

    How’d the soul collecting go at Wounded knee there Jimmy? Heard you didn’t have it as one of the seven sites. Maybe Compton can tell us where the seven sites were. Wouldn’t want to leave any souls out there with a ‘Homer or Bust’ sign hanging around their neck.
    Which medicine man did you talk to before becoming a warrior ‘Indian Way’?

  18. As the story continues to unfold, for anyone that hasn’t seen or wants to reexamine the many videos we took at Hoka Hey in Homer, see all of them at our blog: http://www.lakeweirlivingblog.com

  19. Tman says:

    Durham used to be a customer of mine, always on the shady side. Very much caucasian as well. As for no water on the Rez and in SW South Dakota? Look up the Mini Wiconi water project aimed at bringing rural water to the entire region. These folks are full of it. Ask a Hot Springs local.

  20. texasgal says:

    Now BJ is disavowing knowledge of Jon Compton? this story just gets stranger and stranger. Sean, looking forward to your report on the Ogala Lakota press release that was issued today.. i’m sure you’ll have something to say.

  21. Bufford says:


    That’s seems to be the last nail in the coffin.

  22. texasgal says:

    Not yet Bufford. Durham claiming the press release based on wrong information. Despite it was stated in an interview on KTUU (Fairbanks NBC affiliate) that the anonymous donation was made by the Lakotans, the HHC is now saying that she (and John Compton apparently) are not part of the HHC organization and dont speak on their behalf. Yet according at least to the woman who made the comment about the donation, she was asked to talk to the media at the finish line. (no idea where she got the “lakota donation” response).

    anyway.. BJ n crew will have excuses and stories to combat all of it until he has no where else to wiggle. at least “his People”(another lie) are ready to check out him, HHC and his alleged charities. I just hope they dont buy into his ‘excuse’ too quickly or without digging beyond his story.

  23. texasgal says:

    ps, seems both Alystar and Comptom were helping Durham by filming and interview the riders — along the way, at checkpoint and the finish line (eventually.. no was there to film initial finishers).

    at that time, HHC was evidentlly willing to have them talk to media on tehir behalf. now that stuff is hitting the fan and backfiring on HHC, they are doing their best to distance themselves from both Comptom and Alystar… essentially leaving these two out there alone to take the heat for “their false statements” that they had no reason to make up on their own.

    and Alystar was one of BJ’s biggest defenders. She’s gone very silent. i’d love to know her feelings now. she may still be influenced by Jim Red Cloud’s Charm Cloud though………..

    • LOL, girl that man is not charming, I can tell you that! All right what do you want to know ? I didn’t see Jim a lot on this ride because I was either on a motorcycle with a camera, in a car with a camera or in a truck with a camera. I was not there at the finish line because William got there three days before they expected anybody to get there. It never occured to the guys who rode the route last year as a test ride that anyone could do it faster. Leave it to men and their ego’s with that one. Why was I asked to speak to the press? I am guessing because I work in the film business and cameras don’t make my eyes bug out and I am not afraid. The press interviewed just about everyone at the line that day not just me.

      I haven’t been silent about any of this. The Rapid City Journal interviewed me two days ago, Cyril asked for my story yesterday and the calls and death threats haven’t stopped coming I can tell you. I myself would distance me from the HH if I were anybody but me. But since I am me and I have a pretty clear idea of the who that I am, you can ask me anything and I will tell you what I think.

      I don’t have a history of bullshit or beating around the bush, so lets talk about it. I did say the money was coming from the Lakota. For me the Lakota were the people we (the film crew) had been having verbal jousts with all week, the people who were constantly reminding me of what my people did to their people and I agree my people were bastards. There is not one American who doesn’t feel shame to the dishonorable actions of our ancestors with regards to the Indians. And in my world it appears that the “us” and “them” is always in play. I work hard to bring attention to the genocide going on in the Congo, most times I am the only white person in the room. (us and them). I worked on the Speilberg project for three years interviewing holocaust survivors. Many times I was the only non jewish person there (us and them) and I’m ok with it because I am the person with a sense of outrage at mans inhumanity to man. I scream louder than most and I can take the heat better than most. So when the reported asked me who was paying the money my response was The Lakota. Meaning of course the Lakota group who owned the ride. Had I said, “the Americans”, I never would have thought a press release from Pres. Obama about the fact that the US of A was not going to the pay the money, yada yada yada was about to head in my direction.

      If it was misinterpreted than I’m sorry. I had no paradigm of “The Lakota Nation”. I do not know “The Lakota Nation” and it never entered my mind that I was speaking of anything but the Lakota guys we were shooting this for.

      As for all the what if’s and smack talking on line well it does bring an open dialogue to the issue of bad water in America. From all my research water is not just bad up on Pine Ridge but all over the US. What the heck is up with that? People have been screaming at me about education, drugs, health care but I can only look at one thing at a time. My choice of focus is water. An illiterate person will not die from illiteracy but he will die from no water. A drug addict, hey man unless someone is holding him down and shooting him/her up; I got no sympathy. Health care, everyone else is screaming about that. But water, we can’t live with out it and no one in America should be living with out clean water. There should not be clusters of cancer around the areas with old Uranium mines. Congress gave money to the rez to help. Where the heck did that money go? And why is the comment of a camera woman such a focus? If that is where they (who ever they is) want you to look, then where is it they (who ever they is) don’t want you to look.

      It’s just a thought that I can’t help thinking. Lets say I misspoke because I was not prepared to answer and pulled it out of my butt. I was still just a camera woman. Why would the “Lakota Nation” feel like they had to rebut a misspoken statement from a nobody camera woman. Did I just unknowingly step in a rabbit hole and start a dialogue about why people in this area live in paper shacks with no water, no toilets and no bath tubs when the American Govt pays that tribe an enormous amount of money? Or maybe the government doesn’t give them a dime. But I have heard differently.

      Is anyone interested in finding out the truth? Does anyone want to move away from the fun of bashing these less than media savy, create the super ride of the century wishful thinkers and move on to something that may be real. At the moment all you have is the what if’s. What if they don’t pay the guy who came over the finish line. What if it was a hoax. What if’s do not really have a solid landing place and are useless in my world.

      I never let my daughter use the term “what if”. What if I get hit by a car, I get kid napped, I get what ever. I live in the now. God forbid I miss one moment of my now. Jim Red Cloud will have to stand and face whatever comes. Pay the money and win. Don’t pay the money and get clobbered. It all works out in the end. I don’t really care because it’s about the water for me.

      The run was great, I enjoyed shooting the riders, I drove all over the country backtracking with my producer to catch up with the broken down riders, riders off track, riders who were stopped and hoping to find a familiar face because they were spread across 5 states and rarely saw another Hoka Hey person except us. For the nine thousand miles those riders put on we put on that plus half. I was either on a motorcycle, a car or a truck for the entire time. I checked in on the stops and then backtracked the route in a car for riders who were breaking down or emotionally at their wits end. I can’t tell you how many riders hugged the crap out of me when they saw me. How many riders were so stressed out by the internet shitstorm headed their way that they were alone out there thinking they were really alone and the victims of a hoax until I arrived camera in hand.

      I arrived home with some sort of lung thing the locals called Alaska Crud. My ass has seatbelt sores on it from riding in the back of a vehicle where the seatbelts didn’t tuck into the seat. I lost 14 pounds and yet I saw country I can’t believe is real and met people that surpassed my expectations of God. The riders of this challenge who didn’t cry uncle in the first two legs were exceptional. The riders who stopped to help a broken down bike no matter the cost to themselves are the fabric of life that I would like to dress in. The personal accomplishment that they felt coming into Homer, we felt too because we were with them the entire way. We were there when they were broken, I ran all over Whitehorse during the Canada Day Celebrations asking everyone if they could find the owner of the Harley Dealership because three of our riders were in need of tires. It took me two hours, forty people before I found someone who lived near by who called a girl who worked on the roads who knew his name who called his house and I spoke to his wife who called him at the rest home of his father. He in turn finished the visit with his father and found his mechanics in the festivities. Why me? Because I like people, I like talking to people, I am not afraid.

      So back to the real issue. Whats up with the water? I myself and another cameraman went to peoples houses when we got to the rez. We saw them for ourselves. We shot them. It was no different than when I was in Africa except we were not in Africa. We were in America. And if you know me you probably know that I’m pissed off. I’m like a dog on a bone. No amount of Hoka Hey rhetoric is going to throw me off the real story. No amount of threats to “not come to So. Dakota” is going to stop me. I’m asking all of you to seek out the answers to why this place has no water or a polluted aquifer and why is no one looking into it. Because one of two things is happening here…a continued extermination of American people by a misguided American gov’t who would rather take care of illegal aliens or a continued extermination of the poor by their own people very like the issue in Africa. The same old story of “haves” and “have nots”! Either way, I’m not ignorant enough to have my head turned. And neither are you. Somebody needs to be a hero here, Americans should not be without water, Americans should not have poison water. We dealt with this issue in California if you remember the whole Erin Brockovich story. It’s the same story just another state. And from my research it is not just So. Dakota.

      Call someone. Find someone you know who may have influence and call them. Ask them to help. Today it’s less than 6 degrees of separation. And the only way we Americans are going to get anything done is to do it ourselves. Our Govt is more interested in helping anybody else except us and the cavalry is not coming. So someone needs to step up, many people need to step up.

  24. Hoka Who? says:

    Follow the money. it worked for Woodward and Bernstein, it’ll work now.

    Red Cloud Humanitarian Fund, wonder what the Sec. of State for South Dakota has to say about this organization?

    Hidea Corporation

    Red Cloud Law Firm

  25. I was there says:

    “I am one of the organizers.” = exact words spoken by Jon Compton, July 4, 2010 at Stone Step.

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