‘Precious’ puppies draw a crowd of admirers

• Shelter hoping for similar response to influx of cats

By Sean Pearson
Homer Tribune

Within hours of printing last week’s story on the six puppies abandoned in a cramped carrier at a Dumpster, Homer Animal Shelter Director Sherry Bess began e-mailing pictures to the Homer Tribune of people who showed up to take the puppies home.
“The first one to go was the puppy I brought to your office,” Bess said. “The people who adopted him are going to cut out his story from the newspaper and put it in his baby album.”
Bess said another gentleman drove in from Anchorage to pick out one of the puppies.
“He and his wife had been looking for a puppy at other shelters,” Bess she explained. “Then, she said she read your article online through a link in the Anchorage Daily News, and they were really excited about getting one of these puppies.” 
By Friday, the last puppy had found a home. But that wasn’t the end of the story as far as Bess was concerned.
“As a result of the story, our ‘most un-adoptable’ dog was adopted,” she said. “He was the dog that no one wanted, even though he is truly a great dog. He just presented himself very badly in a kennel situation.”
Bess said another couple from Anchorage had called about taking one of the abandoned puppies, but then changed their minds.
“The wife had called and wanted one of the puppies, but the husband said ‘no,’” Bess explained. “He wanted ‘a dog that no one else would take.’”
The newest member of their family got neutered Monday and left for Anchorage today to spend the holidays with his brand new family.
Thrilled with the community response to the story of the puppies, Bess said she now hopes to turn her attention to cats.
“The story made a huge difference for the shelter,” she said. “But we have had a big influx of cats recently, and it’s not the fault of the cats. We are desperate to find homes for them since we are loaded.”
If you would like to adopt a pet, call the Homer Animal Shelter at 235-3141, or stop by between the hours of noon and 5 p.m, Tuesday through Saturday.

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  1. michael says:

    Wondering of any anonymous person can tell us the dogs’ breed? We’re suspecting Australian Shepherd, Labrador and maybe pitbull or bulldog. We’ll probably do a DNA test, but curious anyway. Thanks! Mike

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