Pebble mine worth the bread

Spencer Knutsen

We’ve lived here for 10 months and really like Homer. I see so many anti-Pebble Mine stickers, and I also see people complaining about the rising cost of fuel, sales tax, property tax and utilities hike. I come from a small community in Bristol Bay, and fished the Nushagak for more than 20 years. We were forced to move because of the rising cost of living, such as groceries and fuel. I felt bad for moving, but when you have to decide between buying a loaf of bread for your kids, or buying a gallon of fuel to heat your house for a day or two, or buying a gallon of gas to go look for a job, it became very clear to me to move my family.
Which brings me to my opinion to all you anti-Pebble Mine people who don’t know how hard it is to live in a village or town where the cost of living is more than they can make in a year. Without the job opportunities that Pebble Mine offers, good people make bad decisions such as drug-dealing or bootlegging.
Back to Homer’s problems: You have half the community complaining about the rising cost of utilities and trying to look into alternative ways to lower their utility bills such as coal, geothermal and wind generators. (I have not heard a complaint about solar panels yet.) The other half  complains about air pollution from burning coal, water pollution from geothermal,   and the latest one, wind generators creating noise pollution and (I really like this one) visual pollution. There is no happy medium in this town.
I’ve been watching, listening and reading all these complaints and good ideas. To all those people who have alternative ways to lower your cost of living, good job. Don’t let your negative neighbors get the best of you. Do they pay your bills? Do they put food on your table? Do they provide clothes for your children?
And to all the negative people who complain about the rising cost of living – turn your power off or cut off your utilities, park your car, sell your computer and recycle your cell phone. And leave your power boat out of the water. There is no such thing as having your cake and eating it too –  unless you’re Sarah Palin or our lovely President Obama.
I know this letter will offend a lot of locals, but let’s not flood the Homer Tribune with negative opinions because of mine. I would love to hear from you, negative or positive. I will try to answer every e-mail one at a time, in a timely matter. E-mail

Spencer Knutsen is “an anti-Sarah Palin and President Obama, truly yours, born and raised, never left-Alaska supporter of Pebble Mine oil and gas Native.”

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