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Homer tourism taking a downturn?
This will be the 24th consecutive year that I have been in the fishing charter business in Homer. As of June 1, my advanced bookings for reservations for fishing charters and lodging are down by 66 percent compared to a normal year. I attribute this huge decrease to the state of the national economy that we find ourselves in. If you are affected by the tourism business, brace yourself, Homer. I predict that Homer tourism will be down by at least 50 percent across the board this year. Let’s all hope that I am wrong.
Bruce Warner

Let the people decide
On June 22, the city council is scheduled to hold a public hearing and vote on Ordinance 09-29, which would appropriate $5,000 to produce advertisements in print and broadcast media, brochures and posters, and provide information that may influence the outcome of the October election on the sales tax ballot proposition. The council had its chance to continue collecting sales tax on non-prepared food items last December, but chose to defer to a public vote. Homer residents are articulate, intelligent and involved in their community. I am sure there will be sufficient, readily accessible public debate of all aspects of this issue to help voters make informed decisions. It is wrong for the city to use taxpayers’ money to influence the outcome of the election. This would be especially unfair to those taxpayers who do not support the city’s position.
I urge all city taxpayers to encourage the council members to defeat Ordinance 09-29 and allow the voters to conduct their independent research and discussion and come to their own conclusions on the sales tax issue.
Mary Griswold

Pennies from heaven
There has been a lot of news lately regarding costly water rates, but little discussion as to how homeowners can substantially reduce their water bill. Water, like energy, can be conserved – and there are alternative sources. When we built our home five years ago, we knew water was going to be an issue, so we made sure we bought clothes and dishwashers as well as flush toilets that do the job for less.
We also use an alternative source of water, including rainwater, or snow, depending on the season. About half of our potable water comes from a rain/snow catchment system. Our system is simply gutters, a pipe leading inside, a 100-gallon holding tank, a pump, a one micron filter and a 1,550 gallon tank that we use to store both water from the roof as well as delivered water. We also have snow blocks on the roof so that the snow, rather than avalanche off the roof, eventually melts into the gutter. Since the water we do buy is chlorinated City of Homer water, the system seems to be sufficiently sanitized.
For the section of roof where we have a stove pipe (which can be contaminated with creosote, etc.) we have a separate outside rain catchment system that provides water for the garden. This is our biggest use of water right now and it would be a big waste to use expensive, potable city water for gardening and the lawn when there are gallons of free rainwater (literally, pennies from heaven). Gardening magazines now offer many products that capture rainwater for gardening purposes. It’s surprising that none of the local merchants seem to carry this product that has such an obvious market.
While it may be hard to think of water as a limited resource in the Kachemak Bay area, the price of water here suggests otherwise. But the solution is no further than the rain dripping off your roof.
George Matz

Scholarship appreciated
This letter is to thank the Drew Scalzi Memorial Maritime Scholarship program that awarded me a scholarship to help pursue my vocational studies in Advanced Diesel Technology this fall. I was awarded this scholarship to help pay for college expenses. It will be very helpful in allowing me to pursue my goals. I plan to attend Wyotech located in Laramie, Wyo. Thanks to the Drew Scalzi Memorial Maritime Scholarship and others for their support, I am now closer to my college goals. I hope that the scholarship program will continue for a long time to come, because it has helped me and I believe it will help many other young fishermen in the future.
Patrick Lane

Aid after fire appreciated
Recently, our family lost our home to a fire. We are now finishing a home in Anchor Point, and should be able to move in very soon.
There was an immediate response to all of our needs. Everyone we know, and some people we don’t, showed up or called to offer their help. People were so kind to rally around us and lift out spirits as well.
Thanks so much to everyone who worked so hard on our benefit. A lot of effort from many special people made it a fantastic day. Your generosity was overwhelming and truly appreciated. We are very grateful to everyone who came and showed their support.
Thank you to all in Anchor Point and Homer who have helped us to get through these tough times. Thank you for helping our family to recover and move on to better times. Your generosity, kindness and compassion is unrivaled.
All our love,
Tim, Jen, Jack and Finn Heimbold

Lupine seeds along walk lovely
Those of us who use the Spruceview sidewalk between Bartlett St. and Mulliken owe a big thank you to Jack Poister, who planted lupine seeds in the gravel along the walk. The lupine is coming up for the second year, and I look forward to the blooms. Jack planted the seeds because he wanted to, not because he got a grant to do it. Kind of like Johnny Appleseed.
Linda Martin

Cutting down Obama
I read with amazement, an opinion about how the new messiah Obama was taking such good care of the troops and their medical care.
I don’t know where you got your information from, but let me quote the messiah: “Look, it’s an all volunteer force, nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice.” He continued: “I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their country, I wasn’t asking for blood, just money. The country is facing the worst financial crisis in its history. I’d have thought the patriotic thing to do would be to try to help reduce the nations deficit.” So much for national health care.
What Obama voters actually got, was the third term of Bush. He has continued funding the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Other than trying to invite terrorists onto American soil, he has done everything the Bush administration did. Oh, other than completely destroying the American economy in three months, put 1.8 million people out of jobs, put the government in charge of private industry, and attempt to make this country a third world socialist economy. Maybe Obama is the next terrorist attack.
Since Obama is the third term of Bush, I guess its time for all of you activists to rise up, run down to the park and collect signatures to call for the impeachment of the new world order messiah.
I can’t organize this myself, I work during the day. Let me know when you get that going. I’ll come down and put my name on the petition.
Phil Celtic

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