Keene’s memorial fund needs help

Lonnie Keene

First off, thanks to all who have contributed to the Eagle Lady Memorial Fund. Every single penny has been deeply appreciated. I know times are tough and the fact that we have received contributions from so many  that I know are struggling means so much. There have been checks from people on the upper end of the financial spectrum, as well as from those  I know are on fixed incomes.
Although I have tried my best to make people aware of the memorial fund, I have also tried not to actively solicit contributions. Unfortunately, however, things haven’t gone quite as well as I had hoped. With the help of many, we have reached a total of $5,539.94 for the permanent memorial. The reality is that we need about $9,500 more to make sure  we have the funds available to establish a very special lasting memorial for my mom. Make no mistake, there will be a memorial of some kind. Every donation given will be utilized to make sure that happens, whether we have $5,500 to work with, or $15,000.
The process has been a little frustrating, as there have been lots of false starts and people who have made promises that didn’t always pan out. I trust that these promises were made in the best faith, but I also understand that sometimes life gets in the way. So I am asking for a little help. And while I am not talking specifically about financial help, it is obviously the main focus. I would also appreciate any ideas anyone might have for spreading the word.
I have thought about asking some of the photographers and others to  donate something for an eBay auction, and I’ve also thought about posting something about the fund on some of the photography forums.   I know Mom had literally thousands of friends and fans all over the world,   and part of me thinks that if I just had a way to get the word out, we could make our goal.
There are essentially two ways to help. Checks can be mailed to the Homer Council on the Arts at 355 West Pioneer Avenue, Homer, AK 99603. Please be sure to reference “Jean Keene Memorial Fund” on the check. Or, funds can be deposited directly in Wells-Fargo account No.  2527103044 from any Wells Fargo Bank. And please remember that donations are tax deductible.
I humbly ask for any help anyone can provide. I promise you that the memorial will get built one way or another. It just has to.

Lonnie Keene is Jeane Keene’s son. 

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