A legitimate voice for the people

By James Price

I think the Clarion’s opinion piece: “Spending cap ruling the correct ruling” reflects very poor judgement on the part of Clarion management.
The founders of our great state trusted Alaska citizens with the power of the initiative.  The Kenai court was wrong to toss out two initiatives voted for by the people in the 2005 Borough election.  The first initiative was the voter approved sales tax cap enacted in the 2005 election.  The second initiative was the voter approved limit on capital projects.
In order for the people to restore their initiative right, we must now appeal to the next higher court, while local citizens are forced to wait another year and spend thousands more dollars to fix their bad decision.  
It’s no surprise that the rampant abuse of citizens’ rights continue, while no one within the state is ever held accountable for their indiscretions, perpetrated by politicians and others state employees under the color of law, against the all too often powerless people of this state, due to the failure to have justice prevail in the local court.
It was through funding by the Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers that the lawsuit that forced the Assembly to obey the term limit initiative was finally enforced, after being denied by the Assembly.  The same Assembly members now denied by the people of their “right” to continue to serve unlimited terms, have used the full force of their elected position in an attempt to kill many initiatives that the people have enacted.
It’s unfortunate that these same part-time elected officials will soon be denied their entitlement of full medical benefits and retirement that few is any, part-time private employees ever receive. However, it is this type of self-entitlement attitude and abuse that the people find the most objectionable and is also part of the reason that borough spending has increased almost 50% over the last three years alone, requiring higher and higher taxes from the people.
The Borough will continue to obstruct the people’s initiatives, which will require more court fights and the expenditure of more taxpayer money, until the people of this Borough can appeal this bad decision.  Taxpayers will be forced to pay both sides of each lawsuit simply so that their decisions made in the ballot box will be respected or even heard.
I support the efforts of the Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers to appeal this decision.  I encourage every citizen who wants to see the people have any say to support the Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers in their effort to protect the citizens from such rampant Borough abuse of the initiative process, which is a legitimate voice for the people.  For more information you can go the A.C.T. Web site at www.ACT-KPB.org.

James Price is a Kenai Peninsula resident who is well-known for his attempts to limit sales tax on food in the Borough.

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