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Philip Alderfer

With your support we can: reduce energy costs; create good, sustainable jobs; provide a world-class education for our kids.
• Invest in renewable energy like hydro-electric, wind, and tidal power
• Support education innovations, like early childhood education and in-school academies
• Apply fiscal discipline to the financial challenges ahead
• Protect our clean water and healthy fisheries
So where would I start?  

My first priority is energy.
The southern Kenai Peninsula is uniquely position to be a world-class center for sustainable energy research and development.  But it will require the commitment of government agencies, local businesses and the energy companies.  I propose:
• Energy infrastructure investment including hydro-electric, wind, and tidal power and improved electric transmission lines;
• Community-level energy enterprise zones, and;
• Enhanced vocational and engineering training programs in energy.
Small-scale and individual renewable projects are unaffordable for most working families.  I believe the State must redouble its investments in larger scale renewable projects including Mt. Spurr, Lake Chacachamna and Fire Island.
To read more about our plan for energy, please visit our website:

My second priority is education.
Good schools attract working families and are critical to Alaska’s economic growth.  This is especially true in fields like engineering, technical services and health care.  Alaska’s ability to develop a 21st century economy depends on a well-trained, job-ready workforce.  We must:
• Develop technical career academies at the secondary and college levels;
• Ensure that teachers’ salaries and benefits are commensurate with their responsibilities;
• Fully fund the K-12 system, including urban / rural cost differences, and;
• Invest in early childhood education so that kids start school ready, willing, and able to learn.
Alaska has begun to reinvest in education after years of neglect.  However, much work remains to be done.
More information on our education plan is available at:
Though energy and education are community priorities, we also recognize the need to exercise fiscal discipline during this period of economic uncertainty.
While the state budget benefitted from this summer’s high oil prices, working families suffered.  And markets change quickly.  Since July, the price of oil has fallen more than 50 percent, from $147 to $70 per barrel, largely because of the international economic crises.
Simply put, the international economic crises will likely impact Alaska.  However, our unique oil wealth will smooth the economic bumps, if legislators apply fiscal discipline and make strategic investments in key industries like energy and education.
Does that sound like a lot?  You bet!  Tackling those issues will take leadership –  leadership that works.  But with your support we can ensure that the Southern Kenai remains a great place to live, work and play.
I ask for your help.  I ask for your support.  I ask for your vote on Nov. 4.

Philip Alderfer is running for the Alaska State House of Representatives.

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